Busted! Villanueva-Castro : Illegal Mexican Rapist Fugitve Loves Woodburn Oregon: Open Borders=Open Crime

Salem Police Arrest Texas  Mexican Fugitive on New Sexual Assault Charges

Salem Police Dept. – 02/17/11

  The poster mexican rapist of open borders crime. This one has it all- raping women with many alias’s  moving from Mexico to Texas to Oregon and back again with no Problemo even though for ten years there has  been a warrant. Why? Because the police don’t check for shit it’s racist!  Of course the females he has been raping have been mexican illegals and anchor babies. Even with all of this the Salem police refuse to give out info on his true immigration status.



Salem Police Detectives arrested a fugitive who fled from sexual assault charges in Texas ten years ago and also charged him with new sexual assault charges stemming from more recent incidents in the Salem area.

Salem Police Detectives contacted and arrested 37-year old Jaime Villanueva-Castro, who also goes by the name of Hilario Cruz-Espinosa and several other aliases, on February 15th as he rode in a car in Woodburn.

Villanueva-Castro is wanted by the State of Texas for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child charges from 1999. He was indicted on those charges in Austin, Texas, but fled the area and was arrested on the resulting warrants by the Salem Police Department in 2001 when he was contacted on a traffic stop. After being extradited back to Texas, he was able to bail out of jail pending his 2002 trial on the charges. He failed to show up for the final day of his trial, apparently fleeing to Mexico. The trial continued without him and he was ultimately convicted and sentenced to approximately 70 years in prison by the State of Texas.

Villanueva-Castro remained in Mexico until 2004. It appears Villanueva-Castro lived in Phoenix, Arizona from 2004 until 2007 when he moved back to Oregon. The investigation revealed that Villanueva-Castro lived in the Beaverton area for a short period of time in 2007 before moving back to Salem, where he has been living under his alias of Hilario Cruz-Espinoza ever since.

Towards the end of January, 2011, Salem Police Detectives Jeff Staples and Charlene Tucker began an investigation into the sexual and physical assault of a minor female with the suspect known as Hilario Cruz-Espinoza. The victim and Cruz-Espinoza were known to each other. As Detectives Staples and Tucker continued their investigation, they were able to determine that his true name is Jaime Villanueva-Castro and they found that he was wanted by the State of Texas on sexual assault charges.

Detectives Staples and Tucker’s investigation developed probable cause to arrest Villanueva-Castro on sexual and physical assault charges, however it was obvious that he was in hiding in order to avoid being arrested. In making contact with authorities in Texas, they also learned that Villanueva-Castro was profiled briefly on the television show “America’s Most Wanted” in 2005 as a fugitive from justice.

Detectives Tucker and Staples were relentless in their efforts to locate Villanueva–Castro due to his demonstrated ability and propensity to flee from justice. He had been spotted in the Salem area periodically over the past couple of weeks, but it was unknown where he was staying. Working closely with Detectives from the Salem Police Street Crimes and Drug Activity Response Teams, Detectives Tucker and Staples tracked Villanueva-Castro throughout the area for several days, finally locating him riding in a car with another subject in Woodburn on February 15th. He was contacted by detectives at that time, taken into custody and transported to the Polk County Jail on the warrants from the state of Texas as well as five counts of Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree, five counts of Rape in the Third Degree, five counts of Sodomy in the Third Degree and Assault in the Fourth Degree based on incidents that occurred in the Salem area.

Villanueva-Castro’s known victims have been teen and pre-teen daughters of people with whom he has established relationships. It is unknown if there have been any other victims from the time he fled from Austin, Texas in 2002 until the time his newest charges were reported in January, 2011. As a result, anybody who has had or has any information about any inappropriate contact on the part of Villanueva-Castro is asked to contact the Detective Charlene Tucker at 503-588-6050, extension 7146 or Detective Jeff Staples at 503-588-6050, extension 7151 at the Salem Police Department.

Villanueva-Castro has been consistent in his criminal behavior and has shown that he has the ability to successfully flee from justice for significant periods of time. His pattern of targeting unsuspecting juvenile females in his crimes posed a significant safety concern, and his arrest was the culmination of a very successful partnership between law enforcement agencies in Texas and Oregon. Salem Police Chief Jerry Moore stated “I appreciate the tenacity of our detectives in tracking this person down. He has been a fugitive for over 10 years and I am sure his victims have been frustrated. Hopefully, this will bring some closure to his victims and make them feel safer knowing he is in custody.”

Attached Media Files: Villanueva-Castro

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