Mexican Igcacio Luna Busted Meth :Former Portland Police Cadet

Mexican Igcacio Luna Busted Meth :Former Portland Police Cadet

Portland Police Seize 24 pounds of Methamphetamine in Search Warrant
Portland Police Bureau

look this illegal alien anchor baby wetback spent two years in the portland police cadet program and went on to become a major mexican cartel drug dealer. but dont worry portland is a sanctuary for ilegal aliens so The police love drug dealers



On February 22, 2011, investigators from the Portland Police Drugs and Vice Division seized approximately 24 pounds of methamphetamine. Officers were conducting a drug investigation at a residence located at 20300 North Morrison Terrace Drive, Apt. #D2023, in Gresham, Oregon. Drugs and Vice Officers performed a traffic stop on a vehicle leaving the residence. A K-9 Narcotics Detection Team informed the Drugs and Vice Division Officers that the K-9 alerted on the interior of the stopped vehicle, indicating there was the odor of narcotics in the car. Through further investigation, Drugs and Vice Division Investigators applied for and were granted search warrants for two vehicles and the residence.

The search warrants yielded the seizure of 24 pounds of methamphetamine, one of the largest seizures of methamphetamine in Portland Police Bureau history. The estimated street value of the methamphetamine seized is in excess of one million dollars.

21-year-old Eladio Luna and 18-year-old Igcacio Luna were taken into custody and charged with Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance, Delivery of a Controlled Substance, and Possession of a Controlled Substance in the First Degree. Eladio and Igcacio Luna were lodged in the downtown Multnomah County Facility.

Investigators learned Eladio Luna, was a former Portland Police Bureau Cadet. He participated with the program from October of 2008 to May of 2010 when he resigned from his post.

The Portland Police Bureau would like to thank the Gresham Police Department and the Transit Police Division for their assistance and cooperation in this investigation.

For Media Photos are attached, A/C Chief Hendricks available for interviews, and viewing available at the property room if there is interest later today.##

Attached Media Files: 2011-02/3056/42242/meth1.JPG , 2011-02/3056/42242/meth3.JPG , 2011-02/3056/42242

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