Americans Arise: Deport & Beggar Carlos Reynaud & Pedro Reynaud Erazo: Criminal Illegal Aliens

.Americans Arise: Deport & Beggar Carlos Reynaud & Pedro Reynaud Erazo: Criminal Illegal Aliens

criminal from honduras ilegal alien Pedro Reynaud Erazo is up for deportation. in the meantime ICE is letting him run free around Oregon even though his apartment was crammed with stolen guns and computers and his sister was deported for stolen credit cards at goodwill outlet in Hillsboro he sells under books for everybody on amazon. we want people to write immigration and demand immediate deportation.he is a violent thug who runs a gang of illegals and hates Americans

QuantcastUpdate! As of February 7th, Carlos is listing his books again, all 11,000 of them, he thinks nothing is going to happen to him or his gang. If you do nothing else contact the Department of Revenue or The IRS- info below

Current goals:

 Get: Carlos Reynaud  and Pedro Erazo deported.

 Get: the mexican books gangs out of the Goodwill and FOL Sales.

 Get: Pedro and Carlos in hot

water with the IRS and Department of Revenue.

Get: Pedro and Carlos kicked off of Amazon.

Get :Pedro’s or Carlos’s mug shot from Hillsboro police closed files

Get: the word out on Rants and Raves Craiglist

all we are saying is give deportation a chance

Deport Hillsboro and Seattle  Goodwill Outlet Employees & Carlos & Pedro Reynaud Erazo criminal illegal (carlos tax fraud illegal) 

IRS form 3949a   to report carlos reynaud and pedro reynaud erazo on -more addresses below

Pedro Reynaud Erazo is a criminal illegal violent honduran NOT deported by ICE, even though he was arrested and found to be illegal.
google carlos reynaud erazo goodwill for the story –

Pedro and Carlos – involved in crime and theft and stolen guns are out having a great time instead of being deported . They are  the poster children  of what is wrong with United Statees Immigration policy.

 |  Most of the people who have been threatened by Pedro probably won’t come forward unless they know he is safely behind bars and can’t carry out his threats. Thanks to the Washington County Un-Justice system he is free on the steets to carry out his threats against all competition and past employees. They’re out there and there is more to this story.

| Also please report Carlos and Pedro to the

Department of Revenue Oregon 503-945-8095
955 Center St. NE
Salem,Or 97301-2555
Department of Revenue Washington
9930 Evergreen way
suite y-150
Everett Wa. 98204-3893 800-647-7706
 Carlos claimed to make half a million selling books and he had $10,000 in cash to pay Pedro’s bill, which is a lot of cash for a bookseller.

Carlos Reynaud  (Erazo )

home 503-737-7920
home 5621 SE Holgate blvd.
Portland Or 97206-3825
Portlandbooks(his amazon inventory)
7980 SE 17th ave
Portland or 97202
everyone needs to turn them into the DOR or IRS
he thinks he can make that kind of money and not pay taxes he is so wrong
he might get jail time with that kind of income.
or IRS

·        Location: carlos tax fraud illegal




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