Breaking News_ Short Illegal Mexican Rapist rapes Issaquah Washington Teen Girl

For Immediate Release***
Date: March 1, 2011
Contact: Julie Startup
Phone: (425) 766-0812
Witnesses to Possible Sexual Assault Sought
Witnesses and information sought in the possible sexual assault of a minor just outside Issaquah. While out walking an Issaquah teen was picked up by an unidentified male and sexually assaulted. On February 28th at approximately 5:30pm the female victim was picked up on State Route 900 and transported to different locations in the area. After being held against her will for around 30 minutes she was released.
The suspect was described as a 19-25 year old Hispanic male with a strong accent, approximately 5’6” with an average build wearing jeans and a dark blue sweatshirt. He was wearing a hat at the time but had visible sideburns. The vehicle was described as a dark blue midsized pickup truck. Inside the bed of the truck was a blue metal tool box with white writing on it.
Washington State Patrol Detectives are urging anyone with information that may be related to this case contact Detective Stacy Moate at (425) 401-7746.

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