Busted! Ugly Mexican Alexander Salazar-Olivares Teachers Aid Sodomizes-Butt-Fucks Female Student: Washington County Public Schools

 Busted! Ugly Mexican Alexander Salazar-Olivares Teachers Aid Sodomizes-Butt-Fucks Female Student: Washington County Public Schools

Teacher’s Aide Arrested for Sexual Contact with a Student
Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 03/03/11

Mug Shot

Mug Shot

Summary of Event 
 Open borders and the invasion leads to Mexican  takeover  of Oregon. this along with diversity hiring quotas allows mexican illegal or anchor baby chance to rape female students.
An “instructional aide” at Aloha High School has been arrested for having sexual contact with an Aloha High student. The man worked as an instructional aide for special needs children, but the victim was not a special needs child. The man was reported by a mandatory reporter after the victim disclosed the abuse.

Full Details

On February 16, 2011, an investigation into an instructional aide at Aloha High School was initiated when a staff member at the school called Sheriff’s deputies to report possible sexual abuse. After deputies took the initial report, Sheriff’s detectives took over the investigation and eventually interviewed a female student.

Investigators determined that a sexual relationship between the suspect, 20-year-old Alexander Salazar-Olivares, and the victim had been initiated by Mr. Salazar-Olivares. They also determined that there was sexual contact in his office during school hours. The victim in the case is alleging that the sexual contact was unwanted, which Mr. Salazar-Olivares denies.

Mr. Salazar-Olivares was employed by Aloha High to be an instructional aide for special needs children at the school. The student involved was not a special needs child.

Mr. Salazar-Olivares resigned from Aloha High School soon after he was interviewed by detectives. He was arrested by detectives on February 24th and charged with Sodomy I and Sexual Abuse I. He was lodged in the Washington County Jail and is being held on a $250,000 bail. If you have any information regarding this or any other case involving Mr. Salazar-Olivares, please call Detective Robert Rookhuyzen at 503-846-2673.


Attached Media Files: Press Release , Mug Shot

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