Oregon Taxpayers Shafted! Backdoor Dream Amnesty for Illegal Mexicans in Oregon

  1. PCC to offer classes at New Columbia for Latinos
    PCC – 03/07/11

  • stop calling them Latinos_ They are mexican and illegal aliens-

  • Latino is  a code word to hide immigration status

  • Now Oregonians  are paying for spanish only geds for illegal aliens from Mexico

  • Mexicans no longer have to learn english but Americans have to learn spanish since they are second class breeders.

  •  Backdoor dream Amnesty for illegal mexicans in Oregon- free college classes at PCC while white kids get nothing.

NORTH PORTLAND, Ore. (March 7, 2011) – Portland Community College plans to give young Latinos  Mexican Illegals and Mexican Anchor  Babies who need Deportation – a better chance to achieve their educational goals through specialized classes at the New Columbia housing development.

At New Columbia (4605 N. Trenton), PCC will offer classes through the Multicultural Academic Program for Latino Mexicans

students between the ages of 16 to 20 who are English language learners. here Illegally The classes will give them a chance to improve their English proficiency while working towards other educational and career goals.

 Students will study math, social studies and science in Spanish and can earn their GED in Spanish. At the same time, they will study English to improve their proficiency in the language.

The Multicultural Academic Program, which is operated through the PCC Prep Alternative Programs, is a partnership with local school districts, making it free to eligible students. Classes start spring term on March 28.

The New Columbia classes will not only prepare the youths for college, but will give eligible students a 12-credit tuition waiver to start college at PCC.

PCC Prep first piloted this model at the Willow Creek Center in Washington County.

“This model works because it really serves the need that students have to complete a high school credential in their first language while building their English skills,” said Jeff Laff, manager of the program. “We want to extend these same opportunities to Latino   mexican gang bangers youth living in North Portland.”

To learn more about how to enroll, contact Jana Daugherty with PCC Prep at (971) 722-6213

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