Japan Earthquake: Japan has 54 Nuclear Power Plants: Shame!



 I am so ashamed of Japan. I thought they were a first world country that gave a damn about the world  environment. There is no excuse for  54 nuclear power plants on a volcanic island ,in the ring of fire zone, right next to the Ocean.
After this event…I think we need to reconsider Japan’s status as a “developed” country….

I mean who put the Tsunami “backup” generator in the basement where it got flooded out…?

And now…? They are trying to run an extension cord to the plant to “see if” the cooling system will start up again…?

They have not only soiled their own nest, they will soon soil the world with radioactive fallout. Unless a miracle,maybe…. more likely  the usual lies that governments excel at.

 There goes the seafood industry and the dairy industry unless we all decide that being radioactive is an improvement over famine.

a power plant on the ocean ?  in an earthquake zone?  every nation has a  shadow . They didnt learn much from being nuked by the US in the 40’s.I can only hope they realize their huge mistake and are able to make a huge shift from exploitation of resources to a green economy.


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