Those Ugly Illegal Mexicans Again? Fake- Counterfeit $100.00 bills in McMinnville


Those Ugly Illegal Mexicans Again? Fake- Counterfeit $100.00 bills in McMinnville

McMinnville businesses receiving $100.00 counterfeit billsMcMinnville Police Dept. – 03/15/11

  Mcminnville is just another suburb of Mexico – known as  Yamhill- Taco County. The  grape growers import Illegal mexicans ,( who think crime is normal), and the result is the Yamhill county jail, which spends $300,000 a year on dialysis treatments for an illegal mexican male who raped sodomized little American boys. Another cost to the invasion. Those green cards and social security cards Mexicans carry are probably forgeries.

Beginning on March 4, multiple businesses in the McMinnville area have reported incidents where someone passed, or attempted to pass, counterfeit $100 bills. In many cases, the counterfeit bills were initially identified because the printing on the bills is slightly off-color. Common currency pens will indicate that the bills are genuine due to the type of paper being used. The Police Department recommends that if you receive $100 bills, compare the watermark to the president pictured on the bill and examine the security thread to ensure you have a genuine bill. For further information about these and other security features, please refer to the United States Secret Service website and select the options you are interested in.

If you have information about these forged bills or the person making or distributing them, please contact Detective Bill Christensen at 503-435-3495. Call 911 or your local police department if someone is attempting to pass a counterfeit $100 at your business and if possible, keep the counterfeit bill in your possession until officers arrive.

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