Somalis In Oregon: Colored Pencils is Racist

  .Somalis In Oregon: Colored Pencils is Racist & Xenophobic Against White Native Born Americans.

Oregon is 11th in the nation in the number of refugees dumped on Oregon Native Citizens.


 The agenda of Colored pencils is to exterminate the host culture of Anglo America. The same people who made Oregon worth moving too , the same people who brought this immigrant scum out of their poverty and war zones to a safe place. This is how we are thanked.

Come see the art of Somali women as they paint pictures of their vaginas castrated and multilated beyond belief . This will   be New Portland , where Immigrants Rule ! It’s amazing that they can promote the Somalis as being part of New Portland while  ignoring that Somalis have brought Female Castration to Oregon.


Can we say Racist; Racism; Colurism ;Anti Americanism ;Anti Anglo?

Colored Pencils Celebrates Somali Oregon during its Monthly Art and Culture Night

Muslim Educational Trust

Event Flier

Colored Pencils Celebrates Somali Oregon
From Ancient Kingdoms to contemporary America

In brief: Colored Pencils discriminates against White native born American Artists with blatant racism and pro immigrantism

Last Fridays are Colored Pencils Art & Culture Night, also known as Portland’s multicultural family room.As Oregon shifts from bluesy winter into another spring of blossoming iris and crocus, into a season of returning swallows and singing sparrows – Colored Pencils Art & Culture Night is inviting Portland to celebrate the resettlement of yet another new American community, as Colored Pencils always does: with lively culinary arts, in the company of an extraordinary assembly of fine and performing artists.

iranian rapist jailed and fined almost a million for prostituting american tenants


Event Flier

March 25 will be an evening celebrating our new Somali neighbors. Venue host will be the big MAC (Multnomah Art Center) 7688 SW Capitol Hwy. Portland, OR 97219.

Fine arts exhibit and reception – featuring Somali cuisine by Jaziira Café – begins at 6pm.
Performing arts – traditional and contemporary, by African, Asian, Arab, Native, and settled Americans – begin at 6:30pm. Somali musical artists, IFTIN (Sunshine) will play from 8-9pm.

Some background: Colored Pencils is a Last Friday celebration by traditional and contemporary, emerging and acclaimed painters, poets, and musicians. Each Colored Pencils Art & Culture Night is delivered by our city’s grandest elders and our tiniest dancers, by everyone of all abilities and all orientations. We are Portland’s homeowners, renters, and homeless. What we are not is White Anglo icky English speaking non Immigrant Oregonians. We do , however, expect the Honkies to pay for everything.

Expect eating to excess and laughing like children, expect unexpected tears. At bottom, a Colored Pencils evening is our vision of a New Portland – an ethos and aesthetic drawn from our city’s BULLSHIT WARNING FOLLOWS! newcomer and settled communities’ enormous joint-bank account of social, cultural, and spiritual capital.

For over 2 years, New Portland Colored Pencils has been a community-building process and a monthly demonstration BULLSHIT WARNING FOLLOWS! of what a Bigger Us would taste, look, sound and sway, like. Our monthly all-volunteer events ($132,000 annual in-kind) have been celebrated by nearly 3000 firmly established and just-arrived Portlanders.

Colored Pencils’ culinary, fine, and performing artists are from City River and from all points south and east – from Mexico, Central, and South America; from Western and Eastern Europe; from Africa and Arabia, from Asia and island nations strung across our blue Pacific right up to where she blends with our rich River Columbia.

Somalis are trouble and always have been and now Portland has 8000 of them

Somali Oregon: Somali history in the vigorous horn of East Africa has been recorded in ancient Egyptian texts, in the architecture of elegant temples, and in the legends of seafaring traders, for 5000 years. The chaos associated with modern Somalia is relatively recent, beginning in 1991. Bitter civil warring after the collapse of 22 years of military rule drove around a million Somalis out of their homes and into asylum in several neighboring nations. About 40,000 ultimately resettled around the US. We have approximately 8000 Somali Portlanders.

Not all local Somali families came out of that decade of violence. Some came earlier to study, some came to contribute their professional skills to our region’s economy. And as is true for all metro-area newcomer communities, Oregon’s Somalis represent both their homeland’s urban and rural communities. Expect to experience something of their rich variety of ethnic and cultural traditions at the big MAC’s Colored Pencils – Last Friday of March.

We’re also excited to have the support of the following community groups that will be taking an active part in the event:

Somali American Council Of Oregon

Somali Women’s Association

Northwest Somali Community

My Voice Somali Community

Somali Bajuni Community

Somali May Community

Oregon Somali Youth Community

Oregon Somali Family Education Center

white americans are so over

Visit New Portland at:


Colored Pencils: Nim Xuto, 503.914.8170
Colored Pencils Community Host: Musse Olol, Somali American Council of Oregon. 971.248.0573
Colored Pencils Venue Host: Michael Walsh, Exec Dir. Multnomah Arts Center. 503.823.2787

Attached Media Files:Event Flier

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