I ain't Irish _ White Irish Genocide by Black & Muslim Invaders: Multiculturalism Sucks

@MrSmibby It’s all for real. Rotimi Adebari (Ireland’s first black mayor), is Irish, and I (Patrick Downey), am not. The Irish government gave Adebari Irish citizenship for successfully impregnating his wife, while denying me political asylum. Not to mention starving, imprisoning, torturing and deporting me – I can never return to Ireland. It’s all documented. The media won’t report any of it.

For more on Rotimi Adebari, please check out my video entitled “Balls”.

usagoodbyeisayhello 4 hours ago

@usagoodbyeisayhello Ok, thanks. But why did you have to use rap music?

MrSmibby 4 hours ago

@MrSmibby I liked the refrain. I also thought the idea of putting a protest (anti-bush), song written by three Jewish guys from New York (The Beastie Boys), in support of a white, Christian male (me), being brutalized by a bunch of Liberal/Marxist Irish people (who prefer black people), to images, would be interesting, if not a “first”.

For my next video, I’m thinking about going with Wagner.

usagoodbyeisayhello 4 hours ago

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RE: False @Ireland2day (CAPITAL i)

ireland2day 1 month ago 7


1.) Forced multiculturalism of Ireland was carried out by stealth. The Irish people had zero input whatsoever.

2.) I don’t care if I “piss you off”.

3.) My claim was far more valid than Rotimi Adebari’s, and I told no lies.

4.) My own barrister told me that the Irish gov’t. “…would never give asylum to a US citizen.”

Why do you love Rotimi Adebari ((( first nigger immigrant mayor of Ireland) and hate me so much? Did I do something to offend you in a past life or something, brother?

usagoodbyeisayhello 1 month ago 5

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, it was just like this in London. I didn’t see any English people in London at all. Just turd world riff raff. Ireland’s plight is tragic.

I hope this video is about true Irish people being removed and killed off to be replaced by beasts and other creatures from africa and the third world…

What’s going on in Ireland is pure and simple ethnic cleansing! Genocide of an ancient people, Irish People!!

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