Border Invasion dot com: Videos Illegal Aliens Arizona Border

Border Invasion dot com:  Videos Illegal Aliens Arizona Border 


Thousands of individuals from foreign countries walk unchallenged across our southern border every day. We don’t know who they are, where they come from, or their intentions. It is an invasion by definition, and our government condones it.

from my comment page, I get this same statement all the time from mexican trash – ” hahaha yeah us wetbacks laugh at you racist bastards all you can do is cry about us crossing this shit will never stop we run america fuckin english fags your the fuckin illegals had to cross the whole fucken ocean to get here we just walked and will keep walking”

This website presents current and undeniable documentation.



– American Border Patrol brings you these pictures and video clips as clear evidence that our borders are still wide open. ABP vouches for the authenticity of the images; including the date taken and that those seen are very close to the border on trails regularly used by border intruders. Exact location information is withheld to protect the security of the camera systems, and to help ensure the safety of the scouts who install and maintain the camera network.

5-11-10: “President Obama, No One In Arizona Is Laughing” Our Governor’s Response To Obama’s inappropriate joke.

7-29-09: Border Patrol “Wanted” poster. See pictures of persons of interest. Click Here

1-22-09: The Department of Homeland Security has blocked access to this website from computers.

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