La Raza Death Threats From Carlos Reynaud & Pedro Reyanud Erazo Fan

( my comment- Mexicans can’t be racist of course- I think this mexican is obsessed with my ass and what does  having my ass handled by a mexican gangster imply anyway- what does beating my ass entail-?)


“I think you are a punk ass white little bitch who got picked on when you were little by mexicans.

 Please take this site down before your ass gets beat down.

 but when i get done here im gonna be ganging up with carlos to tear down your pathetic website cuz you aint nothin but a wack ass racist net banging pussy.

 so tell me why you are so racist 

 well sorry that mexicanos have lives and you dont and have a better family.

 but ya no that sucks that you are an obsessed racist net banger and have no clue what mexicans do for real 

 because of you i am now a carlos reynaud supporter who don’t let fagets like you keep going with your KKK bullshit,

 or talk down to people that are above you and DO NOT think i am a net banger cuz

if i saw you on the street i would’ve already had your ass handled

 by now but here is wat i think you should do is take all of the imfo you posted on this website and actually show it to carlos and his brother pedro or even someone who is not white

and see wat goes on from there

but i have wasted to much time on your wack ass website so if you dont like wat comes out my mouth well fuck your whole life and everything that your about!!!!! goodbye you fatass/creepy/rapist/serial killer/child mollesting loser

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2 Responses to La Raza Death Threats From Carlos Reynaud & Pedro Reyanud Erazo Fan

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  2. Tam says:

    OMFlippin God, You sound like a stupid Mexy and one of Carlos family members, We can say what ever we want here and all over Craigs list(Carlos and Pedro I am now calling the IRS and your state and sending Amazon all the information I have on you both) Your stupid wife(or do you people even marry? or just have a bunch of kids we have to take care of with our tax dollars?) Im sure she wrote that comment, Bring it on STUPID DUMB ASS MEXS(or do you work for Pedro and Carlos?) I guess they have felt the heat!!!!!!!!!!

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