Black Female Publicly Defecates at School

Black Female Threatens to Blow Up School Poops Instead: Diversity Rocks

gosh is she mad at barack obama for not buying her a new car?

June 17, 2010 Ohio Woman Threatens to Blow Up School, Poops Instead

April 08, 2011 08:50 PM EDT

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In what turned into a three-ring circus, an Ohio woman threatened to blow up a school. Instead, she dropped her pants and pooped near the front door in a vulgar display of her displeasure.

What induced 33-year-old Pamela Jones to unleash the bowels of wrath upon the unsuspecting school? She wanted in, but they told her to leave.

The police report states that on Tuesday, she approached Taft IT High School and demanded to be let in. When school officials told her to leave, she told the students present that she was going to blow up the building.

Instead, she took a dump at the front door.

Now Jones is charged with inciting panic and criminal trespass, and is being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center. It’s surprising she isn’t being charged with assault with a deadly excrement.

No one knows exactly why Ms. Jones demanded to be let in, but a good guess would be she desperately needed a bathroom.

The students at Taft had just moved into the new facility on Tuesday, which is 103,000 square feet. In the last decade, Taft has gained quite a reputation at academic excellence after turning around performance.

The students certainly won’t let a party-pooper like Jones ruin their excitement over the new building.


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2 Responses to Black Female Publicly Defecates at School

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  2. Nead Digger says:

    Typical Savage Negro Behavior.

    Around Blacks NEVER RELAX.

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