Black African Kalisha Mashadda Busted Speeding 103 & Attempted Bribery of Police

Stayton Woman Goes to Jail following 103mph Reckless Driving Arrest

Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office– 04/17/11

wow is Kalisha an Immigrant from Africa ? who else would try to bribe a cop?

Kalisha Mashadda

Kalisha Mashadda

( either she was on a whole pile of meth or she is an immigrant from Africa)

A 28-year old Stayton woman spent the night in the Marion County Jail following her arrest for reckless driving Friday night. Traffic Safety Team Deputy Ethan Griffith spotted Kalisha Mashadda driving southbound on Interstate 5 near Market Street in Salem at about 10:30pm. Griffith clocked her late model Honda Accord at 82mph as she tailgated vehicles and then rapidly changed lanes and passed other vehicles.

Griffith accelerated to stop her, but she sped up, reaching speeds of 103mph before finally stopping. The traffic was moderate, but the roadways were wet form the rain.

Mashadda offered no reason for her driving, but indicated she really didn’t want to get a ticket. Light-heartedly, she asked Deputy Griffith if he would just take some cash as she really needed to get going. Griffith warned her about the penalties for offering a bribe to a police officer, and then booked her into the Marion County Jail.

She is being held on $5000 bail for Reckless Driving. Her vehicle was impounded, and she was issued traffic citations for speeding in excess of 100mph, failure to carry proof of insurance, following too closely and unsafe passing. The bail for those tickets is $2009.

Attached Media Files: Kalisha Mashadda

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