Update!Breaking News! Rene Marquez Hispanic Illegal hits American with Van and Flees; Oregon

maybe hes cuban maybe hes mexican but he sure isnt here legally

umm like wow do you think he ran and left an American to die on the sidewalk because he is in the US illegally? mexican hispanic illegal scumbag

Milwaukie bicyclist struck by hit and run driver; Suspect arrested.
Milwaukie Police Dept.– 04/27/11

Eric W is going to send me the long birth certificate of Renee and his medical records. Gosh thanks!

eric w wrote in with the really exciting news !  Renee Is a Nice Hispanic Guy ! He is sick! He is Christian!  Except if Renee is so nice why did he  hit a bicyclist the man on the bike was thrown onto his car and bounced off , while Renee took out a row of mailboxs and then tried to hide on a side street. Gee, I must be a really evil white American for thinking Renee has something to hide . It seems like running from an accident is what hardworking hispanics always do…

 Eric wrote: ” He is a hardworking, church-going, American citizen ;

Your despicable, xenophobic characterization of everyone who doesn’t look like you is not only completely untrue, it is hateful, shallow and weak.  If you would like ANY more information on Rene, please feel free to email me.  Perhaps when you actually have some information your racist, knee-jerk accusations will be subdued.



On Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at about 3:06 p.m. Milwaukie Police responded to a vehicle verses bicycle injury crash on SE King Road near SE 55th Avenue in Milwaukie. Witnesses reported that an older model, gray van travelling eastbound on King Road crossed into the bike lane and struck the bicyclist. Witnesses reported the victim was knocked over the windshield, onto the roof of the van and landed hard in the street.

The van then jumped the sidewalk and struck a number of mailboxes before returning to the roadway. Witnesses reported the driver of the van made no attempt to stop. The van fled the scene of the crash, but police found the driver in the damaged Oldsmobile van on a nearby side-street. Both passenger side tires were flat, preventing the vehicle from driving further.

Rene Marquez (DOB 08-29-84) was arrested and lodged at the Clackamas County Jail on criminal charges of Felony Injury Hit and Run, and Hit and Run Property Damage.

The bicyclist was transported to Providence Milwaukie Hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The victim, Michael McCollums, is willing to speak with media. His phone number is 503-704-9433. His address is 12055 SE Wood Avenue, Milwaukie.

A witness that observed the crash was surprised when the van fled the scene. She followed the suspect vehicle and kept it in sight until police arrived. Dorothy Masser is willing to talk with media. Her phone number is 503-775-4716.

Attached Media Files: 2011-04/1406/43898/DSCN0270.JPG , 2011-04/1406/43898/DSCN0269.JPG , 2011-04/1406/43898/2011012421_0300.jpg

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