Texas Asks Congress Obama For More Border Security from Mexico

Texas Senate Calls for More Border Security

Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 12:58 PM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA

 (((( this is great – Texas is following Arizona. The Mexicans have bled yet another state dry)


The Texas State Senate has passed a non-binding resolution that asks the Obama Administration for more financial support in securing its more than 1,200-mile border with Mexico. The resolution also calls for a study to find the true cost of illegal immigration on the Lone Star State.

State Sen. Tommy Williams introduced the resolution that passed by a 30-to-1 margin.

“What we’re trying to do with this is wake up Congress,” Sen. Williams said.

The resolution states that the federal government’s inability to address the border situation has placed a major burden on the state. Also, according to the resolution, the state of Texas spend $79 million on border security by hiring more personnel and additional equipment. The state also has more than 12,000 foreign citizens in its jails, costing another $200 million per year.

“At the very least, the federal government should be responsible for the cost of housing illegal immigrants who have been convicted of committing a crime,” the resolution says.

For more information, see the Texas Tribune.




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