GREEN CARD FAKE MARRIAGES 1,000 phony marriages in northern Virginia by Ghanians from Africa

May 2, 2008

1000 phony green card marriages perpetrated by African Ghanaian Illegal aliens – nice that immigrants are so respectful of the US


GREEN CARD FAKE MARRIAGES – A marriage fraud scheme which arranged for predominantly African illegal immigrants from Ghana to obtain US lawful permanent residency by entering into sham marriages with U.S. citizens who were paid $3,600 to get married, was busted when U.S. law enforcement authorities arrested 19 people on September 7, 2006. 22 people were indicted (“facilitators” arranging the sham marriages for $2,500 to $6,000; undocumented aliens seeking fast Green Cards; Americans desiring quick cash) and 19 taken into custody on immigration fraud and marriage fraud charges (punishable by up to 15 years in prison), with more arrests expected. Federal prosecutors claim that the scam involved as many as 1,000 phony marriages in northern Virginia where the marrying couple only met when they applied for marriage licenses at the courthouse. The arrests came after a 3-year probe. In an affidavit, Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agent Cichetti said that the business marriage ring created at least 500 phony marriages, helping aliens get joint bank accounts and utility bills to fool USCIS that their marriage was real, and coaching the fake couple on the questions immigration officers might ask to detect bogus spouses, like what side of a bed each slept on.

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