Maria Morales: Mexican Puta sells Fake ID to Mexicans at Hillsboro DMV

September 26, 2008

Maria Morales: Mexican Puta sells Fake ID to Mexicans at Hillsboro DMV 

.Maria Morales is on paid leave while she is investigated for Fake Driver’s licenses.Please help me get her evicted and or deported.

if you watch the video you will see Maria is either illegal or close to it, the reporter has to speak Spanish to the mexican who answers.
Maria Morales and her illegal Clan live at

Cedar Court Apts

760 SE Cedar St

apt 12

Hillsboro, OR 97123 (503) 648-3367

Send a letter to managment asking that the apartment of mexicans be evicted promptly.

The owners own three apartments in Hillsboro. They Live at :

Alexander Place LLC

10225 sw Melnore st

Portland oregon 97225

remind them that renting to illegal aliens who commit id theft is criminal in and of itself.

Send a letter to ICE asking for deportation.


Immigration and Customs

Attn: Investigations

511 NW Broadway

Portland Oregon


Morales the Mexican Puta is on paid leave while she is investigated. State Government is so good at protecting criminals within their ranks.

This fake ID market is rampant: illegals even get fake green cards from US military Recruiters.
This is why the Senate needs to pass Everify today for another five years. It’s beyond exasperating. I recommend that Legal Americans get their own fake ID, so they can join in the ransacking of our former great Country.

DMV Worker Investigated In Fake ID Case
POSTED: 7:46 am PDT September 26, 2008

HILLSBORO, Ore. — Police and Washington County deputies are investigating a possible case of fraud stemming from a Hillsboro branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Detectives are looking into whether a worker at the Hillsboro DMV may have handed out fake Oregon ID cards to at least 20 people.
Detectives raided the home of Maria Morales who is a window clerk at the DMV.
On Tuesday, a tactical negotiations team from Washington County executed an early-morning raid on her apartment.

They had a search warrant and wanted to talk to Morales about a fraud investigation.
Deputies said the Department of Motor Vehicles worker may be involved in distributing fake Oregon ID cards, the same type of documents she processes as part of her job.
“I just took my son last year to get his license there. I never would have suspected anybody would do anything like that. Hopefully they’re wrong,” parent Jill Butcher said.
Police said Morales is cooperating with them. But they said they want to know who may have gotten their hands on the bogus IDs, and why.
At least 20 people may have the fake documents, police said.
“If she’s under investigation she needs to be removed from that position until it’s completely resolved,” Hillsboro resident Jennifer Manning said.
The DMV said she has been temporarily removed from her position. The department said Morales is on paid leave. Police said the window clerk has not been arrested or charged, but they’re continuing to investigate.
Police also said they’re not sure if the fake documents had real people’s information.
“I was a victim of ID theft about five years ago and it really impacted my life. I really hope they catch everybody involved,” Hillsboro resident Frank Reynolds said.
Police said they recovered some of the bogus Oregon ID cards from Morales but they said there could be more.
“The damage has probably been done,” Manning said.
Detectives said they’re trying to figure out how deep this investigation will go and what Morales might have done with the fake IDs.
FOX 12 attempted to contact Morales unsuccessfully.
DMV Worker Investigated In Fake ID Case



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