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0 0 0.,Oprah Gone Happy Dance

Oprah- The one who decided Obama was the one because he was half Black and Oprah Is Racist.  Oprah who has peddled a faux New Age Reality that completely ignores the Invasion from Mexico and the Rest of … Continue reading

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Huge Mexican Fake Green Card Ring on Trial Manassas Manassas man key player in fake-ID card ring By Dana Hedgpeth, Published: May 6 Illegal immigrants in Northern Virginia knew where to go if they needed a high-quality fake green card or Social Security card: They found Eulalio A. Cruz. … Continue reading

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Fake Green Card Social Security Cards sold by Mexican sFelipe DeJesus Coronel Pacheco Tovar Cisneros in Texas

Feds bust fake green card ring in S.A.Texas   If someone tells you they are here legally I wouldnt believe them unless they could produce the paperwork cause it only takes about a hundred dollars to have a green card … Continue reading

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Five Mexican Illegals Rosas, Reyes-Reyes,Ramirez-Yanez ,Macias-Alejo ICE Busted for Fake Social Security Card Green Card Ring Anaheim California

every year fake id rings get busted and every year more appear because it’s racist to have borders and racist to ask illegals for their papers. This happened in 2008 and it was during Schwarzenegger’s reign. SANTA ANA – Five … Continue reading

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Video Mildred Baena Singing Drunk As Marilyn Monroe  oh yeah and Mr Married Arnold paid for this hispanic coming  out party for her neice.

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Outsourcing – US Corporations Job Theft of American Jobs

List of companies that outsource jobs to other countries. identity theft increases for Americans with every job outsourced.  I feel it is time for all of us “Americans” to put our foot down when we reach a … Continue reading

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EB-5 visas Rich Foreign Crooks Mexican & Chinese Buy Green Cards with Cash  Immigration should serve the existing population, not immigrants.see Numbersusa and the video  Immigration Gumballs. Allowing foreign nationals to launder their ill-gotten gains here is criminal. The 28 million illegal aliens who got here first have already imported crime and … Continue reading

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Mildred Patricia Baena Lawyers Up: Schwarzenegger's Guatemalan Sex Toy Gets Uppity

 Mildred Patricia Baena Lawyers Up: Schwarzenegger’s Guatemalan Sex Toy Gets Uppity Guatemalen Slut_ Maid Woman named in Schwarzenegger affair hires lawyer   I mean seriously this female slut has some nerve- another ugly immigrant LOS ANGELES (AP) — A woman … Continue reading

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immigrants file lawsuit over English Language Maybe they should self-deport. A group of spoiled “immigrants” has filed suit with the Justice Department over not having free translators provided to them if they get arrested and have to  go to court On Monday, a collection of … Continue reading

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Oregon : 65,000 Anchor Babies and Illegal aliens don't speak English in Oregon

 Thxs to the State Department & Open Borders etc et al ,65,000 anchor babies do not speak English as a first language . When Kerri Convery started her first day teaching kindergarten at a Portland-area school, she realized that 10 … Continue reading

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