Pro Amnesty Open Borders Arnold Schwarzenegger banged Mexican Latina "Hottie "Maid Mildred Patty Baena

Link above to  the most funny story on Mildred, plus even better pictures of his Latina Hottie

in a way Maria deserved this because the Kennedys are the ones who opened the US up to the largest Immigration in our history and made the welfare state of Ca possbile

see her fat rolls

notice her fat rolls

Arnie bought his Mexican- Guatemalan maid this love gift when he let her go last January. It pays to be an hispanic female with big tits in California! Rumor is she is from Guatemala but Mexican is easier to spell. This is another example of Chain migration and breeders. Both Mildred and her husband were “immigrants”.



This lady must have been a hooker in her homeland b/c she acts the part here. You are disgrace! A  fat, jealous, ugly, slob of a pig and homewrecker”

Her son by Arnie with nordic hair. He has his Guatemalan mom’s face though. 

  Arnold and Maria Shriver were both Open Borders and Pro-Amnesty.

Maria got what she deserved and so will Arnold, by hiring an immigrant of dubious legal status. They could have hired a native born American, maybe even a white person.

Consider it a wake-up call. Because Illegal aliens have no moral compass, they are takers and users.

Below is the Guatemalan’s  facebook page- her tits are looking for new Gringo meat. I suspect she was either an anchor baby or an illegal amnestied in 1986..Mildred_Patty_Baena_Myspace_May19news


latin hottie maid in California boffs Arnie has love child

A picture is worth a thousand words.

do I look mexican well do I Bitch- another reason to not hire latina maids

But seriously, Arnie slimeball is attending immigration conferences with Obama in favor of another Reagan Amnesty. His penis is also an open borders sorta of dude. His penis  violated the boundaries of his marriage with a fat middle-aged Hispanic female who was probably given a green card by Reagan’s 1986 amnesty.If anyone was doing real reporting they would look up how Mildred came to the U.S. Arnie and Mildred are both ugly immigrants who used a gold chip American for their own gain. Another reason to stop all immigration for ten years.

 Don’t rule out the possibilty that Mildred is descended from African Slaves.

From the telegraph

Her sister Miriam Pena didn’t know nor did Miriam’s mother Evelyn . All three immigrant females worked for  for Arnold and Maria. Arnold groped all of them while cleaning around the house. Talk about chain immigration and discrimination against legal white Americans. For $60,000 a year a lot of people would have cleaned Arnold’s toilets.

the maid listed her Colombian-born husband as the father on the birth certificate. They separated three weeks later. As the boy became a toddler she told Mr Schwarzenegger he was the real father.He even became godfather to her older son, gave them season passes to Universal Studios, and threw a coming of age party for the maid’s 15-year-old niece.


Her former daughter-in-law Nora Vela said: “We were constantly asking, but she would always say no.”

Last year, Mr Schwarzenegger put down a $65,000 deposit on a $268,000 four-bedroom house with a swimming pool for Mrs Baena in Bakersfield, an unremarkable town 115 miles north of Los Angeles. That allowed the maid, who earned $60,000 a year, to get a 30-year mortgage for the rest.

Mr Schwarzenegger had a separate bank account to his wife, enabling him to be generous.

mildred doing the bump and grind with arnold in 1994- talk about inappropriate behavior for a maid

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10 Responses to Pro Amnesty Open Borders Arnold Schwarzenegger banged Mexican Latina "Hottie "Maid Mildred Patty Baena

  1. anonymous says:

    Your article is very funny, a little racist but very funny.

    • well thanks.

      my favorite picture is of a Kangeroo with its paws on a man’s shoulder and the caption says Do I look Mexican? well, do I Bitch?

      • maria cunt says:

        Dear lord why do ppl assume she’s a Latina n if she is so what I’m sure ur husbands r sleeping around with black white, Latinos , Asian girls lets not get it twisted here ppl n stop being races does it make a difference if she would of been white or black theirs hoes in every race what they both did was wrong its ashame that as a women she would do what she did n let alone get pregnant. Its degrating to women but as much as I blame the women who does such a thing I blame the men as well… so ppl stop being races

      • she is a guatamalan lying using whore- an immigrant too

    • larry davis says:

      Was Arnold soft on protecting us from the Illegals because he was sleeping with this woman?? Did he let the murderer out of jail because he was Hispanic like Baena. Baena asked for this problem by sleeping in Maria’s bed. I’m sure your children are real proud of you Bozo.

  2. Aurora says:

    She has the lips of a clown, amongst other things. Apparently her family knew as well both here and in Guatemala. Just watch Univision, she told her famiy in Guatemala, even the sister and mother who claimed did not know. All of her family knew and kept leeching off of Maria. Her family are just trash just like her.

  3. S says:

    What a racist fucking article!!You are even more disgusting than them!!oh and btw Mrs Baena is a U. S Citizen. But I guess it doesn’t make a difference since she’s hispanic right???

    • really what proof have you that she is a citizen? The media wont touch the issue of how the family arrived in the US. Sure she is legal now but thats because Senile Reagan Amnestied millions of illegals in 1986.
      as to her second husband, he is an illegal who was working illegally as a maid on the east coast and was fired for doing something bad.
      then when they divorced – con artist Mildred out his name as the father simply so he could become legal. This female is dishonest and most likely has been scamming the US since her ugly face got here. She is not Hispanic she is Guatemalan and many Hispanics are part black african. They hide this when they realize in the US , one drop is all it takes. They only like to play the race card so far.
      I think arnie and mildred prove once again that Immigrants are not an asset to the US

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