Darwin Awards Fugitive Colorado Mexican George Luis Delgado Attacks Cop

West Linn police capture man after he runs from traffic stop to avoid Colorado warrants.
West Linn Police Dept.– 05/19/11

Open Borders is really working for Oregon

 Fugitive Colorado Mexican George Luis Delgado Attacks Cop

what’s funny is the idiot hispanic criminal wasn’t aware of what Blackberry bushes can do to one in Oregon, and he ended up in the hospital ( on your dime not his) from throwing himself into the bushes to avoid arrest.

West Linn Police Motorcycle Officer Brad Moyle pulled a car over at 4:17 p.m. for an illegal u-turn on Willamette Dr. near Mill St. He learned the driver; George Luis Delgado Jr. 28 of Beaverton, OR was a fugitive from Adams County Colorado. Ofc. Moyle requested assistance from other WLPD units, when Mr. Delgado approached Ofc. Moyle, and a struggle ensued. Mr. Delgado fled down an embankment towards the Willamette River. There was a drop off of about 15 feet, and the area is thick with briar bushes.

Ofc. Moyle was assisted by officers from the WLPD, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, and the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office including K-9 and Marine Patrol units.. Mr. Delgado was found in the area under the I-205 Bridge, and was taken into custody just before 5:00 p.m.
He was treated for minor injuries related to his fall and running through the briar bushes and transported to the Clackamas County Jail.

Mr. Delgado was lodged on out of state fugitive warrants and cited on local charges of attempting to elude on foot, escape in the third degree, and resisting arrest.

Adams County Colorado is in the Denver area. Mr. Delgado faces charges in Colorado for contempt of court, and escape from a larceny charge

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5 Responses to Darwin Awards Fugitive Colorado Mexican George Luis Delgado Attacks Cop

  1. destiny says:

    He did not attack the cops

    • Hi Destiny – did you know your name is one of the top ten names for strippers? yes, the police said he attacked them so he did- he is a criminal on the run and I am so happy he fell in the berry bushes- darwin awards for dumb hispanics

  2. jason delgado says:

    Hay ass hole you might want to know George is not no fucking beaner I’m his brother and he is white. So talk your shit but at the end of the day I bet your just some bitch ass piece of shit that is more than likely a nigger loving Mexican… so fuck off and die you fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nice to know your brother – a fugitive criminal , who is so stupid he ended up in the hospital after jumping in the Himalayan blackberries of oregon, is ” not no fucking beaner” and who said hispanics aren’t racist?

  3. jason delgado says:

    See the funniest thing about this is you sit at a computer screen and talk shit. Why don’t you try to say that shit to my face fucker I bet this white boy would kick you fucking ass. So fuck off and keep suckin/ fuckin your boyfriend obama….. oh yea and were is your greencard? Maybe you should go home to africa nigger

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