Oregon : 65,000 Anchor Babies and Illegal aliens don't speak English in Oregon

 Thxs to the State Department & Open Borders etc et al ,65,000 anchor babies do not speak English as a first language .

When Kerri Convery started her first day teaching kindergarten at a Portland-area school, she realized that 10 of her 18 students spoke little or no English. Convery wasn’t alone. Across Oregon, schools have been grappling with the challenge of educating a boom of English language learners . More than 65,000 Oregon students have a language of origin other than English. Here are the top 10 languages, in terms of number of student speakers.

snipped from the pro illegal Oregonian

 If the Students don’t learn English, the feds fine the local public schools, while at the same time they provide the schools with extra cash for non-speakers, making the schools dependant on the funding. Illegals and anchor babies become a cash crop for schools.

 I really feel sorry for children of Americans who made this country worth stealing and now the kids are at the back of the bus in terms of energy spent on them in the schools.

 Spanish Russian Vietnamese Ukrainian Korean Chinese (Cantonese) Romanian Hmong Chinese (Mandarin) Somali

 If Americans knew how completely open our borders were and how insane the immigration policies are they wouldn’t be so Nice. Why did we let our former enemies in ? On the list above all the countries shown were our enemies with the exception of Somali and Mexico. Mexico speaks for itself. Somali was a country that destroyed itself from numerous tribes fighting each other. They are muslim and castrate the females. why are they here? ls

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