0 0 0.,Oprah Gone Happy Dance

Oprah- The one who decided Obama was the one because he was half Black and Oprah Is Racist.


 Oprah who has peddled a faux New Age Reality that completely ignores the Invasion from Mexico and the Rest of the Third World. Oprah Who Never has had an Aha Moment because she is part of the Ruling Class Elite that Runs Hollywood , like Arnold and his fat illegal  Hispanic Maid.

 Yeah Oprah No More!

illegal alien from mexico stealing jobs from American teenagers

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2 Responses to 0 0 0.,Oprah Gone Happy Dance

  1. Andre says:

    Black Pastor Manning describes Obama, Oprah and Jeremiah Wright as the “Trinity of Evil.’ The ‘evils’ all have ‘questionable’ fathers and birth circumstances. They are all implicated in homosexuality..33degree Freemasons are also supposed to engage in a pact with the devil through homosexual acts of filthy anus sodomy! See ATLAHMINISTRIES.ORG..OBAMA AND LARRY SINCLAIR///or PASTOR MANNING CALLS OPRAH THE WHORE FROM BABYLON. Donald Young, a choir conductor at Wright’s church which Obama and Oprah attended was a homosexual.assasssinated as Obama was entering primaries race for presidency. Two other homosexuals from the church were also assassinated. Larry Sinclair thought he would also be killed so he wrote a book exposing his blow-jobs and cocaine-snorting with Obama. Certainly the mother of Black Donald Young believes that Obama was implicated in her son’s death. Worth checking the links out. I love how he describes Obama as a pimp/liar/homosexual/Muslim….The Satanic Trinity will all probably be disposed of by the Khazarian Marxists after they have deceived the Dumbies and tricked the Darks into a false sense of hope and security! Obama quit Wright’s church, among other reasons, because he shot his mouth off and made Gotta Get Whitey-type comments!!

  2. Andre says:

    These are the homosexual members of Jeremiah Wright’s church who were killed execution-style in 2007 when Obama was a senator and the next year sought presidency. LARRY BLAND: Shot November 17 2007. DONALD YOUNG: December 24 207 shot through the head in his apartment. NATE SPENCERr December 26 2007..died from HIV and a strange case of ‘septicemia.’ All gone in a 6-week period. LARRY SINCLAIR was frightened for his life apparently and wrote the book:Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair-COCAINE, SEX, LIES AND MURDER. Anyone curious can Google LARRY SINCLAIR GIVES PRESS CONFERENCE ON OBAMA AND GAY SEX.He implicates other homosexuals as having sex with Obama as well as himself. It might be worth reading PAEDOPHILIA IN THE WHITEHOUSE as well as CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE. People must look at BOHEMIAN GROVE EXPOSED BY ALEX JONES. In my darkest moment I wonder if evil people were after Emma West’s innocent, handsome son rather than her!. Just why was he taken by socials services anyway because his blood family offered to look after him I heard? I pray that my cynicism is unfounded and that evil perverts have not snaked their way into the governments, courts, education and/or health services as others have suggested because we would then be dealing with the ANTICHRIST.. just .as professor Manning suggests.

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