Obama & Park Police Choke Slam Arrest Dancers at Jefferson Memorial


Update the secone protest the police learned and just kicked everyone out….

Interesting  Obama has been silent all week about the arrests. No one even cares what he has to say.Now if it was two years ago, everyone would be asking well what Brilliant Words Will He Have.What happened to the Great Half Black Hope?

Note they were all white legal Americans.  This would never have happened to illegal La Raza Hispanics. Never Does.

No dancing no Free Speech at Jefferson Memorial


 Hey Obama Got Hope Free Speech Freedom under Obama Regime?

Contrast this to 2007  when more than a million illegal mexicans and anchor babies marched to demand amnesty.

  Only about six months before Mary decided to dance in the moonlight.The police did nothing, no one had to get a permit, no one was deported, no immigration papers checked nothing. Why, because they are illegals and mexicans and a protected class in the US. Did they get arrested for criminal trespass?  But if an American protests the book gets thrown at them. Legal Americans(, and I do not count anchor babies or anyone who became legal through Amnesties as citizens,) are now second class citizens, vulnerable to arrest and violence from the State.  


In May, an appeals court ruled that the U-S Park Police were right to arrest a woman named Mary Brooke Oberwetter for going to the Jefferson Memorial with a group of friends shortly before midnight on April 12, 2008, and silently dancing to salute Thomas Jefferson’s 265th birthday.

The court said that the dancing “distracted from the atmosphere of solemn commemoration” Park Service regulations uphold for all visitors.

Ms. Oberwetter, who has described herself as a libertarian, said dancing is free expression, and that schoolchildren on a field trip create more noise and distraction.

So a few more people went to the Jefferson Memorial to dance last Saturday. Five were arrested.

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2 Responses to Obama & Park Police Choke Slam Arrest Dancers at Jefferson Memorial

  1. Zhon says:

    Hey Moron,
    You are aware that the events in 2007 and 2008 that you are comparing this to happened prior to the 2009 inauguration of Obama, and therefore under the Bush presidency?

    • snoremonster says:

      Hey Moron – are you aware that your Got Hope President had 700 of the Occupy Wallstreet Protesters Arrested? That Mr Got Hope slashed the funding for energy assistance and community action, something that none of the Bushes did? He has no problem getting rid of programs that the poor depend upon while Michelle’s is spending 10 million or more on vacations trips clothes and parties. wake up

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