Glen Spencer:Mexicans Started Arizona Monument Fire: Arson Mexican Drug Cartel Smugglers

Did Illegals Start the Monument Fire?
No, Mexicans Did

Willcox (Arizona) Range News — June 15  

The fire started in Mexico. That is, unless it travelled south against a stiff wind. Fire can travel uphill — despite the wind — as it did here. (There are scientific methods to prove this.) — See Detailed Photo

Did illegal immigrants start our county’s fires?
    ….Glen[n] Spencer, founder of American Patrol, lives on the U.S.-Mexico border near the Huachuca Mountains said Monday that the fire that spread into the Coronado National Memorial Park and Ash Canyon originated in Mexico near a pass through the border fence that regularly provides drug smugglers and human smugglers a route into the state.
    “I arrived back home about an hour and a half after the fire started. I started driving down Border Road and was approached by a young Border Patrol agent. He stated to me that Border Patrol agents had reported the fire and that it started just south of the border with Mexico,” added Spencer.
    The agent agreed with him that the spot was a “favorite crossing” for illegal immigrants and smugglers. Spencer also said he has video shot of the lookouts who light up cigarettes as they watch for the drug mules to make it across.
    “I think this was arson,” he continued. “There are a lot of people upset with us and our law enforcement and who have a distaste for the Border Patrol. To have the fire start at that point frequented by illegals is very suspect to me. There is no doubt in my mind that that fire was started downhill in Mexico.”
Red DotNote: Mexicans are not illegal when they are still in Mexico.

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