Meet Gang Member Pablo Ricardo Rodriguez Colorado Felon Busted Marion County

Colorado Felon with Handgun Arrested in Jefferson
Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office– 06/20/11

Pablo Rodriguez

Pablo Rodriguez
 More Hispanic Mexican Family Values- Some Breeder slut from Mexico hooks up with this felon wanted by the police and the latino gang member is so uppity he blasts music and hangs out with a gun in the driveway. Sanctuary States like Oregon are so  fun. Of course his latina puta has two anchor babies under six watching all of this

A Colorado man, mexican criminal visiting relatives in Jefferson, was arrested and booked into the Marion County Jail for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Pablo Ricardo Rodriguez, 28, of Greeley, Colorado, was visiting his mother at her apartment in the 600 block of Hazel Street on Sunday afternoon. Around 3:00pm, Deputy Matt Hagan was called to the location to investigate a complaint of loud music. Hagan contacted Rodriguez and asked him to turn down the music.

During the contact, Rodriguez engaged Deputy Hagan in conversation that focused on the type of weapon the deputy carried and included questions about the patrol habits of the deputies working the Town of Jefferson. Hagan found the questions odd, and wondered if Rodriguez was gathering information useful by someone anticipating an encounter with a police officer or even planning a crime. A records check on Rodriguez revealed an extensive criminal history with several felony convictions, in the state of Colorado. Additionally, Rodriguez wore tattoos consistent with gang affiliations.

Several hours later, Hagan received a second call of loud music at the same location. As he arrived back at the scene, he observed Rodriguez standing near a vehicle in the parking lot of the complex, holding a semi-automatic handgun. He ordered him to drop the weapon, but Rodriguez ran into the apartment and closed the door. Two females near the vehicle were detained while back up was requested to pursue Rodriguez..

Rodriguez was eventually coaxed from the apartment and taken into custody. A 9mm Berretta handgun was retrieved from the apartment. It was the gun being held by Rodriguez. Two other handguns and a small amount of marijuana were also seized.

Two children, age 3 & 5, were removed from the apartment for their own safety. They were returned to the custody of their mother at the end of the investigation, but Deputy Hagan has requested the Department of Children’s Services follow up and look into their welfare. The mother of the children is reported to be Rodriguez’s girlfriend.

Rodriguez was booked that the Marion County Jail on charges of being a Felon in Possession of a Handgun and Disorderly conduct. His bail is set at $12,500 and he is due in court on Monday afternoon, June 20th.

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2 Responses to Meet Gang Member Pablo Ricardo Rodriguez Colorado Felon Busted Marion County

  1. angela4rm970 says:

    So check it out you white punk ass dick sucking little bitch i aint from mexico. And he wasn’t WANTED by the police. And you really think anyone needs to sit in their driveway with a gun in JEFFERSON OR? And the gun was a 9mm Rugger that was seized. And the two other guns were not taken. And he never asked the sacred little pig about patrol habits in jefferson. What the FUCK is there to patrol in jefferson oregon? And his bond was actually set for $17,500.

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