Illegal Mexicans Sent $ 21 Billion dollars Home in 2009 alone Remittances from Job Theft & Stolen Fake Social Security Cards

 Billions of dollars are drained out of the US and sent “Home” every year, thanks to Western Union.They are called remittances and are the result of criminal trespass, job theft ID theft and wage theft by illegals in the US.  Everify – will help sent the illegals home,because decency and polite requests sure havent worked. The media is so busy covering ” racism” by Legal Americans against Illegals  that they either ignore the money drain, or act as though it is a good thing . I have had to stand in line and wait 15 minutes or more while a fat, illegal swarthy hispanic sent money home.Keep in mind that one of the reasons they can do this is by using fake ID and collecting welfare for their anchor babies.

Migrants can also get food stamps and medical for free. A mexican can shack up with his unmarried ,illegal breeder, who than gets WIC food stamps ( up to 600.00 a month, free mediccal etc , this than allows cash wages to be wired home.



. All the articles found act as though it is a good thing Mexicans send money home with no concern for Americans displaced by Mexicans, more then a third of construction jobs go to mexicans in the US.

above an illegal mexican on an all mexican work crew in Portland Oregon , with HKT landscaping , who hire only illegal mexicans.

Remittances – Mexico’s No. 2 source of foreign income after oil exports – totaled $21.2 billion in 2009, compared with $25.1 billion in 2008, the bank said.

Central bank president Agustin Carstens attributed the latest drop to the weak economy in the United States and the increased difficulty Mexicans are having securing employment there. More than 11.8 million Mexicans live in the U.S.

Carstens said a 1.3 percent uptick in remittances in December, compared to the previous month, gave some hope for a recovery.

“It is just one figure, but it could indicate the beginning of a relative stabilization in the drop in remittances, and it would be congruent with the fact that economic activity in the United States is about to go from negative to positive,” Carstens said.

An analyst was less optimistic, saying that employment levels in the United States “remain very bad” and remittances to Mexico will probably continue to decline through the first half of 2010 when compared to the same period of 2009.

“It is important to remember that many Mexicans are employed in very volatile sectors that remain depressed, like construction, manufacturing, restaurants,” said Hector Rodriguez, a researcher at the Graduate School of Public Policy and Administration in the northern Mexico city of Monterrey.

Experts blame a crackdown on illegal immigration that has stemmed the flow of those heading north to seek work as well as the U.S. recession, in which many Mexicans, especially construction workers, have been laid off.

Mexico receives the largest amount of remittances in Latin America and the third largest in the world, after India and China. The country was also the hardest hit in Latin America by the U.S. economic slump with a drop of about 7 percent in Mexico’s GDP.

While remittances represent less than 4 percent of GDP, their decline is being felt in towns across Mexico, where lines at Western Union counters have all but disappeared. New businesses financed by migrant illegal alien money are no longer opening and construction has stopped on homes that have been built in stages as cash arrived from those working abroad.

In the first part of the decade, Mexico’s remittances grew rapidly – from $9 billion in 2001 to $26 billion in 2007 – because of swelling illegal aliens migration and better record-keeping.

 Source: Latin American Herald Tribune

Remittances from Mexican emigrants totaled $2.13 billion in May, up 11.9 percent from the same month of 2009, the biggest year-on-year advance since October 2008 and ahead of analysts’ expectations, the Mexican central bank said.

Banks such as Ixe had forecast that the May figure would come in at around $1.97 billion. The Banco de Mexico also said Thursday that the number of remittance transactions rose 7.4 percent relative to May 2009, while the average amount of the money transfers grew 4.3 percent to $315.75.

Remittances to Mexico were up 19.2 percent in May compared to April, but remittances for the first five months of the year were down 4.63 percent relative to January-May 2009.

Ixe said it expects $21.18 billion worth of remittances to be sent to Mexico in 2010, which would be a 4.34 percent increase over last year.

Going forward, our expectation is that remittances will continue to grow (favored in part by a low base of comparison), although risks … are prevalent,” the document signed by analysts Luis Flores and Lucia Martin read.

According to the experts, “the labor outlook in the United States has become gloomier in the past few weeks.”

For example, they noted that the U.S. Department of Labor announced Thursday that applications for unemployment insurance unexpectedly rose by more than 13,000 in the week ending June 28 to 472,000, compared with analysts’ expectations of 452,000 applications.

The main driver of remittances to Mexico “will be employment in the manufacturing and construction sector (where 36 percent of immigrants are employed) in the United Sates,” the Mexican bank said.

By Reply to this comment U_S_Drug_Addict January 28, 2010 8:19 AM EST

Look up Ramos Arizpe…

….by Radical_1 January 28, 2010 3:42 AM EST

I’m one of the heartless ones because I say round up all of the illegals & send them back where they came from, right after we take back all of our dollars from them. Then maybe the next time they think about coming here they will do it the legal way!!! Americans need every job that we can get right now and we don’t need illegals taking the jobs and sending the money back to Mexico. Do you people also realize that Mexicans or anyone else that sends money home devalues our money here & makes it more expensive for us AMERICAN CITIZENS to buy things. To anyone that wants to repeat that saying “to give them a path to citizenship isn’t amnesty” you’re right, it’s not amnesty – IT’S A REWARD, AND FOR WHAT, BREAKING THE LAW!!! They climbed a fence and crossed a river without going through a legal entrypoint. And then there are those that say that they want “a possible path to citizenship for law-abiding people who entered the country illegally”. What don’t you people understand, if they entered the country illegally then they AREN’T LAW-ABIDING ARE THEY?

I had notice most of the illegal Mexican immigrants in our part of town had left after the city passed new laws on identifying illegal workers and making random traffic stops.

We now have Africans, Chinese, Haitian, Muslims, and high-school kids looking for work. But most of our high-school kids are going in the military and others are hoping to get their dads job and /or company when they retire.

We really need to control this immigration problem.

Wow maybe they can pay off UMC in Las Vegas now, you know the medical center that has about 80 illegals receiving treatment where we the folks in Nevada have to pay for…millions a yr.

Reply to this comment …by FauxNews January 27, 2010 10:51 PM EST

Less illegal money leaving the United States…wah, poor babies..


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