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Largest Outdoor Marijuana Bust in Oregon History:Wallowa County Six Illegal Mexicans with Guns On US Public Lands: Invasion

 and they all had  fake ID too, because the Pro_Illegal Disgusting Oregonian , put this story on the front page and waffled on their national origin and legal status.  OFIR members and supporters: Last week we reported on the discovery … Continue reading

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Sanchezvillavicencio, Christian Latino Punk Busted Hate Crime Against Gay Male Portland Sanctuary City for Ilegal Hispanic Criminals

          We don’t know whether he is an illegal alien from mexico, or an anchor baby gang member from Mexico, but we do know he is ” latino” and that Portland Police would rather die then check immigration … Continue reading

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Daniel Kuenzi Mora; Mexican Anchor Baby Busted- Drunk Violent Waving Guns Marion County Oregon

Daniel Kuenzi Mora; Mexican Anchor Baby Busted- Drunk Violent Waving Guns Marion County Oregon This is what Mexican anchor babies are like in Oregon- Drunk violent criminals- Family Disturbance & Threats with Shotgun Land Silverton Man in Jail Marion Co. … Continue reading

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Job Discrimination Against English Speaking Oregonians Spanish preferred at Morrison Child & Family Services

 This was just two of the many jobs that now go to Spanish Speakers in Oregon. The Code word for Spanish speaker is “must be hispanic or mexican ” because who would hire a White American to work with “Latino … Continue reading

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