Daniel Kuenzi Mora; Mexican Anchor Baby Busted- Drunk Violent Waving Guns Marion County Oregon

Daniel Kuenzi Mora; Mexican Anchor Baby Busted- Drunk Violent Waving Guns Marion County Oregon

This is what Mexican anchor babies are like in Oregon- Drunk violent criminals- Family Disturbance & Threats with Shotgun Land Silverton Man in Jail
Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office– 06/27/11

Daniel Kuenzi Mora

Daniel Kuenzi Mora

mulatto mexican anchor baby Hispanic family values againI

An 18-year old Silverton resident was arrested this morning and booked at the Marion County Jail following a dispute at his family’s home.

Daniel Keunzi Mora was arrested by Deputy Steve Duncan after family members called the Sheriff’s Office at 6:43am to report Mora was threatening them with a shotgun. The original call reported that the residents of the home in the 6000 block of Quarry Avenue NE had locked Mora out of the house after he became intoxicated and threatened them. Mora’s relatives reported that he’d been drinking most of the night and causing a disturbance. They tried to convince him to call it a night, but he got a shotgun from his bedroom and pointed it at them, threatening to shoot them if they called the police. Mora also threatened to shoot any police officers coming onto the property to arrest him. The relatives were able to get him out of the house, along with four other people who were in the house drinking with him. Deputy Duncan arrived and requested backup. Five Marion County Deputies and two Silverton Police Officers responded. Mora surrendered without incident upon seeing the deputies and officers. The shotgun was recovered in some bushes outside the house. Three live rounds of ammunition were stored in an ammo pouch on the stock, but the gun was not loaded. Deputies took about an hour to arrest Mora and calm the situation. Three of Mora’s friends fled prior to the arrival of deputies. A fourth was detained briefly but released without charges. Mora has prior arrests for alcohol related charges. Additional firearms were present in the house. Family members turned them over to deputies for safekeeping. Mora is being held charges of domestic menacing, a second count of non-domestic menacing and two counts of unlawful use of weapon. He was also cited for being a minor in possession of alcohol. He is being held on $30,000 bail and is due in court at 3:00pm, June 28th.

Attached Media Files: Daniel Kuenzi Mora

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