Recall of Hispanic Mexican School Board Member Anna Tavera Forest Grove

Recall of Hispanic Mexican School Board Member Anna Tavera Forest GroveForest Grove parent files petition to recall two school board members

 This is what happens with Open Borders. Forest Grove has been taken over by Mexican Migrants who should have been deported, as in the Days of Eisenhower, our last good President. Instead , they easily, with their breeding habits , took over in rural areas all over Oregon and now rule US, the Legal Americans. I do not count Tavera as a legal American, because her parents came here illegally .

Published: Wednesday, June 29, 2011, 9:15 PM

By Kelly House, The Oregonian The Oregonian

 Opponents of the Forest Grove School Board’s budgetary choices have filed petitions to oust two board members.

Gales Creek Elementary parent Jodi Giddings submitted recall paperwork Tuesday with the Washington County elections office.

In her petition to recall board Chair Anna Tavera-Weller and board member Terry Howell, Giddings said the pair have voted “consistently in support of the upper administration’s agenda, and typically disregards alternative viewpoints.”

Many district parents have vehemently opposed the $48.5 million budget, which includes $7.5 million in reductions to school programs and staff, eliminates many district programs and closes Gales Creek Elementary School.

Giddings also accused Tavera-Weller of “incoherence of basic board meeting etiquette or the required process to facilitate meetings.”

She cites both board members for voting to accept the budget and grant administrative pay raises despite community opposition and district fiscal woes.

Both Howell and Tavera-Weller have served on the board since 2009. Their terms expire in June 2013.

Jason Giddings, Jodi Giddings’ husband and a leader in the Gales Creek school community, said board member Alisa Hampton — who also voted in favor of the budget — was spared from the recall effort for strategic reasons.

Board member Ralph Brown’s term is expiring and Fred Marble voted against the budget.

If voters opt to recall Tavera-Weller or Howell, the remaining school board members would appoint replacements to serve through June 30, 2012, the end of the fiscal year. Adding Hampton to the recall list could complicate the process, Giddings said.

“If you recall three members, then the administration picks replacements for them,” Giddings said. That defeats the purpose.”

If the recall is successful and the board lacks a quorum of remaining members (which could happen if Hampton’s name was added to the recall list), Northwest Regional Education Service District board members would appoint replacements.

Recall organizers have 90 days to gather 1,616 signatures — 15 percent of the number of school district voters in the May 2011 election. If they reach their goal, the school district must pay for a special election to give voters a chance to keep or recall Howell and Tavera-Weller.

Washington County elections officer Luther Arnold said special election costs vary, but the school district would pay somewhere in the ballpark of $1.50-per-voter.

“They pay the entire cost of whatever the election is,” Luther said. “The personnel and the ballots and the envelopes and the computer time.”

While Gales Creek parents have spearheaded the push to oust Howell and Tavera-Weller, Jason Giddings said the recall effort isn’t just the school closure.

“Every one of those board members, I’m sure, has constituents that are unhappy,” he said.

— Kelly House


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One Response to Recall of Hispanic Mexican School Board Member Anna Tavera Forest Grove

  1. lisa says:

    This is so stupid how someone could bad mouth someones moyher daughter sisyer and grandmother like this. Talking about her parents and how they got here? If your going to talk about MY grandparents Domitila and Trinidad Tavera then lets talk about what they have done for the community. Because i sure as heck dont see your last name showing up for anything positive bit a bunch of trash talk. I dont see you making a clinic whom help the lower class as people like to call it. Or help build up the migrant head start.
    People now a days need to go up and look past what “color” we are. This pathetic and you should be ashamed

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