Congressman WU -Support H.R. 2164 ! Illegal Aliens Are Stealing American Social Securty Cards And Jobs

Congressman WU -Support  H.R. 2164 ! Illegal Aliens Are Stealing American Social Securty Cards And Jobs

Representative Wu is a traitor to the American People- his voting record on immigration is D and he comes out in support of illegal aliens in Oregon every chance he gets. He is a green card immigrant from China who requires his staff to speak his dialect of Chinese. vote him out of office

Rep. Lamar Smith has introduced legislation that would require all businesses in the United States to use the E-Verify employment verification system.  Among its other provisions, would:

    • Phase in E-Verify over three years, starting with the largest companies first.

    • Require the Social Security Administration (SSA) to target illegal aliens using fake social security numbers by sending out “no match” letters to employers if the name and social security number of a current employee do not match. Requires the employer to check those employees through E-Verify after receiving a “no match” letter.

    • Require SSA to send a yearly notification to each owner of a social security number that has multiple employers reporting income to that number indicating that the number may have been stolen and is being used by illegal aliens. Requires employers to run through E-Verify those employees who are likely to have stolen the number from the legitimate owner.

    • Establish a phone verification system as an alternative to using the electronic system.

    • Require the use of E-Verify for those contracted at day labor sites and other referral or recruitment services.

    • Protect employers who use the system in good faith from liability if the system makes an error on eligibility.

    • Protect states’ and localities’ authority to revoke business licenses of employers who fail to use E-Verify as required by this Act.

    • Significantly increases the penalties for employers who refuse to use the system, or who intentionally try to game it. The fines levied can be up to $25,000 per unauthorized worker and a minimum one-year prison sentence may be imposed on an employer who engages in a “pattern or practice” of violations.

    • Require SSA to lock the use of social security numbers when it is being used by someone other than the rightful owner, when the owner has violated immigration laws and been ordered to leave the country, or when the owner’s temporary visa has expired.

Please send your U.S. Representative a fax and urge him/her to support H.R. 2164, the Legal Workforce Act.

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2 Responses to Congressman WU -Support H.R. 2164 ! Illegal Aliens Are Stealing American Social Securty Cards And Jobs

  1. Dave Levine says:

    I’m afraid you’re on the wrong side of this bill, GCT. If the preemption clause is removed and the 8 to 10 million illegals working for a paycheck’s “grandfathering in’ clause is removed (both written by the Chamber of Commerce), there will be a flood of support from Conservatives. Otherwise, I’m afraid the grass roots will be joining the likes of the ACLU and Sen. Harry Reid to stop it cold in the Senate. I’ve been covering the opposition to this bill and it’s very, very strong outside of D.C. Taking away state’s rights–especially in lieu of Chamber v. Whiting ruling by the SCOTUS–would be “the shaft” to AL, AZ, GA, IN, SC and UT not to mention all the states with E-verify laws on the books. The Feds can’t be trusted to enforce Immigration laws. I strongly recommend you watch Kris Kobach’s June 22nd speech before Missouri’s Eagle Forum on HR 2164.

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