Will Brad Witt be the Traitor David Wu is on Immigration ?

Representative Brad Witt (D-OR 31st) is running for Daivd Wus seat in Congress. What are his real views on Immigration and will he be another Ron Wyden or Merkley?


4th-term Democrat from Oregon.

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Rep. Witt

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Virtual Hearing on Immigration – Secure Borders First


Rep. David Wu

Sen. Ron Wyden

Sen. Betsy Johnson

Rep. Brad Witt

July 13, 2006

As part of Congress.org’s virtual hearing on immigration reform, I want to share my views on this important issue. I am adamantly opposed to S.B. 2611, passed this year. My reasons are as follows: 1. This Act is, in reality, amnesty, which has failed (1986) in the past. 2. President Bush refers to “jobs Americans won’t do.” This statement is demonstrably untrue, since over 70% of agricultural jobs are currently done by legal immigrants or American citizens. Many construction, high-tech, and other jobs are high paying and sought by Americans, who are being supplanted by illegal aliens at lower wages. 3. Rewarding criminal behavior with “a path to citizenship” is intellectually bankrupt, and a slap in the face to legal immigrants and Naturalized American citizens, like myself and others. Illegal aliens unlawfully obtain SSNs, driver’s licenses, health care, employment, welfare, and evade taxes with impunity. 4. Illegal aliens are responsible for a disproportionately high crime rate, and add a large and unnecessary burden to our tax-supported costs of prosecution and incarceration, not to mention the high costs to their victims. 5. The U.S.A. may be the only country in the world still allowing the practice of “anchor babies.” This must be stopped. 6. National security requires that we know who is in this country, and their intentions.

All benefits to illegal aliens must stop immediately. All employment of illegal aliens must stop immediately. As these steps are taken, most illegal aliens will self-deport. In addition, as authorities are made aware of the presence of illegal aliens (by contact or report) those illegal aliens shall be deported immediately, unless incarcerated, in which case they shall be deported upon release from custody.

Secure (Israeli type) fences should be erected along the entire border between U.S./Canada and U.S./Mexico, and monitored by the most secure methods. All cargo entering or approaching this country should be inspected.

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