Mexican Congress Denounces United States for Taxing Remittances to Mexico

The first link is pro-illegals, the second deals with Mexico’s fury that Oklahoma put a small tax on illegals remittances to Mexico.

 they are taking advantage of the US. I know a Mexican Illegal , who found a dumb, poor, white woman to marry him. They collect welfare and she is pregnant with his second child. He works under the table mowing lawns and they just bought a really nice car. Hernandez is their last name and this is happening in Oregon.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that Mexicans and other Illegals and foreign Nationals are sending billions home to their Real Country. Billions to Mexico alone, every year, yet there is no move that I have heard of for the Feds or The States to place a tax as they do on cigarettes, to help off-set what they  have stolen  from us.

 Forget that they double dip, they steal jobs, ID, get food stamps, WIC , run up hospital bills , get busted over and over again . Forget that, cause Obama and Congress don’t want the dots connected.

 Every state they are in they drain us dry and displace Legal Americans from Housing , jobs, Safety and Health.

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