Drunk Mexican JULIO AGUILAR PEREZ Stabs Woman Hillsboro Oregon No Immigration Checks Aqui!

Hillsboro Police Investigate StabbingHillsboro Police Dept.– 07/22/11

 Drunk  Mexicans doing the Stabbing Lazy Americans Won’t Do. Another Day in Open Borders Mexi-Oregon

Hillsboro Police responded to a stabbing call at 1672 SE Walnut St Apt. 29 on 07/22/11 at 6:00 PM.
Two persons living at the location became involved in an argument and an intoxicated male, JULIO AGUILAR PEREZ, age 47, stabbed the 30-year-old female victim in the chest, neck and abdomen causing serious injury.
A neighbor heard the commotion and called 9-1-1 as the suspect fled the location on foot.

Hillsboro Fire Department paramedics treated the woman on scene and she was transported to Emanuel Hospital via ambulance. Her condition is currently unknown.

Officers located the suspect across the street from the location in a city park hiding behind a shrub. He refused to comply with Officer’s commands for safety and officers deployed the Taser. He was taken into custody without further incident.

Perez was lodged in the Washington County Jail on an Attempted Murder charge.
The victim’s name will not be released at this time.

This incident is being investigated as a possible domestic violence crime.

This investigation continues by Hillsboro Street Crimes Detectives.

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9 Responses to Drunk Mexican JULIO AGUILAR PEREZ Stabs Woman Hillsboro Oregon No Immigration Checks Aqui!

  1. Kris Aguilar says:

    No where in the media accounts of the Hillsboro stabbing does it specify that Aguilar is a Mexican. Where did you come up with that? Don’t you think it would be better to fact check your information before posting. Aguilar is in fact Guatemalan. I live in Hillsboro.

    • illegal alien hispanics all look alike. there are so many illegals from latin countries , and since the mexicans are the dominant group , all latino scum are mexican until proved otherwise. I mean you aren’t supposed to be in my country at all. Hillsboro and washington and Oregon are one big sanctuary for illegals and their parasitic anchor babies.
      by the way are you related to the illegal gangsters Carlso Reynaud and Pedro Reynaud Erazo? they are illegal Honduran scum committing crimes in Hillsboro Oregon with the permission of the scummy Washington county sheriffs

  2. First of all, Julio Aguilar is in Oregon legally with tempory a greencard. The stabbing victim is an illegal alien. IF you are refering to ME when you write ” you aren’t supposed to be in my country at all”, where do you get that? I am a white American born in Oregon. Secondly, I just settled an EEOC charge (in my favor) when I was fired last year by my Mexican supervisor. I have been denied jobs because employers who hire illegals don’t want a potential employee around who may report them to ICE. Thirdly, if you bother to read my story on my website, you will see how I was at the mercy of the Hillsboro, Cornelius and Forest Grove police (who refused to protect me) for the entire summer of 2005 when I was terrorized by an illegal alien, so even if I don’t agree with you on anything else, I do agree that the police of Washington County Oregon are lazy, or idiots, or both. I only posted the comment because I get tired of bloggers posting without fact-checking or even posting things they KNOW are false. Everything I have posted on my blog is 100% accurate and I have documents and witnesses to prove it.

    • this is all getting pretty deep. good for you for standing up to the illegal corrupt mexicans. I was not able to find anything about the police on your post which was mystical , not about crime. As far as the washington county police go they are worse then idiots , they are corrupt and evil. Julio though is a bad guy and illegal aliens from mostly hispanic countries can buy a green card and a social for about 200.00 dollars. So unless I see the paperwork the paper-trail, I consider them to be illegal . note the blog says

      green card theft.

      I am surprised the police didnt back you up, you being a Latina and all, they are very brutal to white Americans and they are letting the illegals run the show. I know one lawyer who refused to go after an illegal crook from latin america, a gangster, in Hillsboro, because he needed to maintain his good ties with the Hillsboro Police.

  3. Kris Aguilar says:

    I am not a Latina. I am not Hispanic. As I wrote in my comment above: I AM A WHITE AMERICAN BORN IN OREGON. You do seem to be prone to posting without careful research, answering comments without CAREFULLY reading them, and jumping to conclusions. Perhaps you have poor reading comprehension skills. I realize that a 24,000 word story posted on a blog is too long for the average person to read. However, to skip down to the part of my story where I explain how the police of Washington County and Homeland Security refused to protect me when I was terrorized by Jose for the entire summer of 2005: scroll way down the main page of my website to the bold heading: APRIL 2005- JUNE 15th 2005 JOSE’S FIRST FEW WEEKS IN OREGON. Read under that heading, then scroll down more, to the bold heading: JOSE IS DEPORTED and read that segment. By the way, the EEOC charge of discrimination that I just settled was on the basis of religion and race.

    • PS let me add that there are about 3 billion males on the planet, most of whom have black hair and darker skin, so you really don’t have to work so hard to get a dark foreign male. You could have a harem !
      As to your race, I dont care what you are, your blog was a very strange mix of Fernando was a black swan etc and something about Saturn. if you want to write about illegal aliens and crime,very grounded stuff , then
      have a separate blog.
      I think anyone who dates mexicans or any foreign men is in for trouble and when you mix it up with all this astrology and Jesus etc it comes off as really out there. It is fine to have an intense inner life, but really there are about 300,000 illegal aliens in Oregon alone who are dark that you could have a faux love affair with. If you are not hispanic, why dont you just find a nice American guy who speaks English real good and settle down with him?
      Also, Persian men are real jerks as are most middle-eastern men. Why don’t you relocate to a hispanic country and live our your romantic dreams there?

  4. Kris Aguilar says:

    Unlike you, everything that I wrote in my story actually happened. It was no dream or fantasy. If you had bothered to click on the green links to all my documents (in both English and Spanish) on my website, you would see there was no way I could forge all that stuff. I can’t even read the Spanish documents myself. Anyway, what would be the point of making it up? And if I did make it up, why would I not make up an ending for the story? why would I leave it hanging? You really do have a reading comprehension problem. To understand my true story requires a bit of critical thinking skills, which you don’t appear to have. I will show the original copies of all my documents to anyone who wants to see them. Also, all the people I named in my story are real. Why don’t you call the Cornelius Police dept. and ask officer Craig Wellhouser why he let Jose terrorize me for 3 months? Why don’t you call Washington County probation officer Carla Pinto and ask why she did not report Jose’s probation offense (contacting me when he was under a no-contact order) So he could be sent back to jail? You can find both of those phone numbers on-line. I would like to see them shamed for what they did to me. They both know about my blog and are not happy about it. If you had bothered to read the whole story you would see that I DID marry a Guatemalan, and I am moving to Mexico (where he is now) as soon as I can scrape together the money. I mourn for this country, and the police state it has turned into in the last ten years.

    I am not interested in writng about illegal immigration. I only wrote about it in my story because it was part of the story, and I made a vow to myself when I began to write it, that I would only include the ABSOLUTE TRUTH, because people who invent stories and try to pass them off as the truth, ALWAYS get caught in their lies, sooner or later. As I said before, I only posted on your hate-filled blog because you posted “facts” that were not true. But i will say a few words about illegal immigration: #1 If every state in the U.S. passed a law to require that ALL employers must use E-Verify the problem would go away immediately. Most would go home if they could’nt get a job.This has no be pushed by the citizens, because those in power want cheap, almost slave labor, for the corporations that control this country. Secondly, The Oregonian newspaper interviewed me by phone to do a story about my discrimination charge and my settlement, but as soon as the reporter found out I was not Hispanic, she did not print the story. If seems that discrimnation about white people is not newsworthy. Thirdly, It is beyond me how you can maintain a blog writing about stories in the news when you have such a hard time telling truth from reality. By the way, Julio Aguilar is my brother-in-law

    • I am glad you came back to give me a sermon on my english comprehension skills. It’s a hoot hearing from you, a woman I felt sorry for because she must be a bit loony to spend so much time trying to get trashy latino illegal aliens to pay attention to her.
      however your blog is TL:DR ( too long didn’t read) Your story might be interesting if you left out the wierd romance story angle.
      by the way, did you happen to notice you are a bit of a hyprocrite? You spend your time trying to mate with illiterate dark illegal foreign men and you don’t expect them to read at a college level, yet you attack me for not reading your whole blog. I am sorry but just as you are not interested in illegal aliens and the invaders, I am not interested in your love story. ps I think you should post your own picture not your sisters.

      • you are a nut job Kris aguiler – I can only say that if you were serious about going to Latin America to be with your illegal alien lover, you would have gone by now. I would say you are the one with hate, coming back again and again to tell me how awful I am because I haven’t read about your life.
        you are proof that white women who hook up with illegal aliens and latins are always the damaged ones
        anyway go away now- and get packing to be with your true love from mexico or wherever

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