Ban H1-B Visas _ Imported Workers Destroy American Lives




Donna from Tennesse writes:” correct, we need to get rid of the H1-Bs as well… I was a programmer for 14 years, company had recently sent me for training in Java for new system, had a small, nice house, had a car, had health insurance, and bought things. Company hired people from India using H1-B visas.

, I lost my job, lost my health insurance, would have lost my house if someone hadn’t bought it after still being unemployed for over 2 months, unemployment ran out, became homeless, interviewed with only a few companies over the next year, had to move in with my sister in another state, no IT jobs in VA, GA, TN, AL, SC, NC, FL, VA, KY. When I was called by a recruiter, they told me to not ask for more than X amount of money because that is what these foreigners would accept. Finally found another lower paying job ($20,000 lower, mind you) after a year, had to file for bankruptcy. You see, they lower the standard of living so that you can’t even own your own house and have a decent car…. Isn’t that the “American Dream”? The dream has been shattered by greedy people that only look at the bottom line. Because I am a survivor, at the age of 47, I picked myself up by my bootstraps and went back to school for nursing. They can’t send sick people out of the country… It has taken me nine long, years to get back to where I was. As it turns out, I am glad to not have to be in the IT environment anymore, but look what it did to the country and this is a common story amongst IT people.

 ( Note the nursing field is also being destroyed by imported nurses from third world countries


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