Supreme Court upheld Arizona Immigration LAWA as being constitutional

Obama Tries to Buy Illegals Votes by Giving them Amnesty  Supreme Court upheld Arizona Immigration LAWA as being constitutional
From Godfather Politics:

In 2007, the state of Arizona passed the Legal Arizona Workers Act (LAWA). The law penalizes businesses who knowingly hire illegal aliens. Penalties can range from fines up to and including the revocation of the firm’s business license.

Of course all of the liberals in Arizona and the federal government were outraged that Arizona would take such a measure to defend its borders and citizens right to jobs that were being stolen by hundreds of thousands of illegals. LAWA was challenged on the basis of constitutionality and whether or not the states have a right to establish their own immigration laws.

Our founding fathers did their best to limit the role and power of the federal government while retaining most of the rights of government for the states. In 2008, two lower courts both ruled that LAWA was constitutional, but the opponents continued to fight it and pressed on to the US Supreme Court.

Today, in what is sure to be a landmark decision, the US Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s law. Justice and Obama appointee, Sonia Sotomayor voted against the Arizona law and Obama’s other appointee, Elena Kagan, recused herself from the Court’s hearing on the matter. However, in a vote of 5-3, the Court upheld LAWA as being constitutional.

This case has tremendous implication for the Obama administration’s plans of overhauling the immigration laws and allowing nearly 15 million illegals to suddenly become citizens and have the right vote just in time for the 2012 elections. This decision paves the way for many states to pass more immigration laws which could include the denial of citizenship and the right vote in that state.

This will also have a strong impact on the challenges pending against Arizona’s SB70 Immigration bill that passed last year and caused so much controversy among illegals and liberals. This case is being challenged by the Obama administration, but in lieu of today’s decision, I would hope that the Obamanites would save taxpayer dollars and drop their challenge.

For once in a long long time, this author has to take his hat off to the US Supreme Court for having the integrity to actually defend the Constitution as they are required by law to do.

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