Driving while Illegal : Seaside Oregon Ambulance crashed by ERIKA ESPERANZA VAZQUEZ MONTIEL,ALEJANDRA PALACIOS of Mexico

Driving while Illegal : Seaside Oregon Ambulance crashed by ERIKA ESPERANZA VAZQUEZ MONTIEL,ALEJANDRA PALACIOS of Mexico

 they  should check her for fake id and deport her and her co-criminal as soon as they get out of the hospital , which you, a legal American paid for


Driving while Illegal : Seaside Oregon Ambulance crashed by  ERIKA ESPERANZA VAZQUEZ MONTIEL,ALEJANDRA PALACIOS of Mexico- mexican takes out Americans and doesnt go to jail
Serious Injury Traffic Crash Involving Ambulance – Highway 101 south of Seaside (Photos)
 wow if the mexicans were Americans they would be in jail now. Mexicans get off easy every time.
Oregon State Police – 08/01/11


Oregon State Police (OSP) is continuing the investigation into an early Monday morning serious injury traffic crash involving an ambulance and a van on Highway 101 south of Seaside. Fatigue is being investigated as a contributing factor on the part of the van’s driver.

According to Senior Trooper Tom Dyer, on August 1, 2011 at approximately 3:15 a.m. a Medix Ambulance was involved in a non-emergency patient transport southbound on Highway 101 near milepost 23 when a northbound 2001 Chrysler van with three occupants crossed the center line. Ambulance driver TIMOTHY E. LEWIS, age 40, from Warrenton, steered to the right shoulder to avoid the van but the vehicles collided nearly head-on.

LEWIS and the other two ambulance occupants were transported to Seaside Providence Hospital. LEWIS had minor injuries. Co-ambulance employee, ROBIN L. SCHOLTZ, age 38, from Warrenton, was tending to the patient at the time of the crash and received non-life threatening injuries. SCHOLTZ is being transferred to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center for further treatment. The 72-year old female patient in the ambulance wasn’t injured during the crash.

The van’s three occupants were transported by ambulance to Columbia Memorial Hospital in Astoria. Driver ERIKA ESPERANZA VAZQUEZ MONTIEL, age 34, from Seaside, mexico was using safety restraints and was seriously injured. Right rear passenger ALEJANDRA PALACIOS, age 17, from Seaside, was not restrained and received serious injuries. A 5-year old female child passenger in a child safety seat was in the left rear seat and received minor injuries. All three are being transferred to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.

OSP had no troopers on duty at the time of the crash and were called out to investigate. Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office, Seaside Police Department, Seaside Fire Department and ODOT assisted at the scene. The highway was blocked about 90 minutes.

Questions for Medix Ambulance Service should be directed to Duane Mullins at (503) 861-5560.

Photograph Source: Oregon State Police

### http://www.oregon.gov/OSP ###

Attached Media Files: 2011-08/1002/46524/080111.hwy101mp23.1.jpg , 2011-08/1002/46524/080111.hwy101mp23.2.jpg , 2011-08/1002/46524/080111.hwy101mp23.3.jpg

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12 Responses to Driving while Illegal : Seaside Oregon Ambulance crashed by ERIKA ESPERANZA VAZQUEZ MONTIEL,ALEJANDRA PALACIOS of Mexico

  1. Cynthia says:

    WTF!! This is fucking bullshit!! Who the fuck cares if they r illegal or not fuck u all who put this shit up. Go nd do something better besides posting up your fucking crap!!! Pendejos!!

    • who cares? American Citizens care,- Google crime victims of illegal aliens. This puta from Mexico harmed an American citizen with her bad driving, In addition she and her anchor baby and her other mexican ended up in the hospital which no doubt, Americans will have to pay for.
      And what is she doing in Seaside anyway? collecting welfare? working and taking what few jobs there are from American citizens.

      • Shino says:

        It is this narrow minded belief, like yours that sadden me. And Fuck You for daring to calling her daughter an “anchor”. But I digress. Clearly you have never suffered the life of an immigrant. So shall we null and void your sad attempt to kick immigrants out of the contry?

      • yes you do digress ,,, Erika isnt a immigrant , I seriously doubt she came here legally because no one from Mexico ever does.
        more importantly she could be charged and jailed for her negligent driving which almost killed two Americans. As to her baby, if Erika is illegal or her parents came here illegally then she is an anchor baby. feel free to change her name to FUCK YOU

  2. Shino says:

    Your views are entirely based on racial hate, do you not see the wrong in that? Watch the film “A Day Without a Mexican” and you’ll see what would happen to your “wonderful” American…..no United States of America. The term “American” falls to all who live in the Americas. And to call those of us “anchors” not worthy of living. Well, maybe we should change the Plege of Allegence to “with liberty and justice for white, christians”. Go back far enough and you’ll see your family came to this contry. Just like everyone else. (excluding the natives, whom your ancestor did their best to wipe out)

    • ahhh another illiterate mexican.
      Mexicans are not a race. they are a nation or members of a nation that have decided to move to the US , parasitically speaking, and break all our laws. a day without a mexican- haha we would all love it if you all left. All you are doing to bankrupting my country, from the foreclosure crisis to the extreme economic burden of providing you parasites with everything you need, while you cheat lie and steal.

  3. Shino says:

    Parasitically speaking, your ancestor moved here too! Violently killed an entire people. Business’ in manual labor don’t like hiring white workers, I know being a business owner. Your slow, lazy, constently are taking breaks, and you bitch all the time about the work. The economy would colapse, if every Hispanic left but you seem to drive a bit nearsighted.
    And dude, your on the Internet. Whoever told you opinons matter here lied to you. If you really cared you wouldn’t bitch on here and you’d be doing something active.
    Too bad people really won’t follow you since your base is hate.
    And with this I bid you fairwell, I hope you never breed and if you do/have my you daughter be the loveliest whore in town.

    • wow you still can’t spell and you have a business doing manual labor? what? cleaning houses? And you admit you discriminate against legal Americans , who unlike you , didn’t lie ,cheat and steal to come to the United States.
      You are also a bigot against Americans , spouting racist cliches such as Americans don’t work hard, or Americans murdered the natives. What a racist! . I am saving your comment to show people that it is really Mexicans who are full of hate , discrimination , bigotry and cruelty towards Americans. You exploit our Laws to protect you and then you turn around and break our laws to hire your own people.

      • Since you are now claiming to be a troll, I won’t be publishing your comments anymore.
        lets see – your last name on the email is C_____ and there is one family with this name in seaside- its hispanic of course, so Lupe the illiterate Mexican who race baits for fun – how did you help your friend by trollin me? she could still be charged with a crime, it’s not over yet- or help your people. By the way, I looked up every hispanic with that last name in Oregon-

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  4. ale says:

    Ohh well guess what..Im alejandra palacios and I want to remind you that I’m a minor and I’m going to find out who you are and press charges on you. All this is bullshit you have no rights to be talking about my mother. She didn’t do anything to you and I don’t like the way to talk about my family. I respect everybody because to me were all the same. Just because you have a green card like you say doesn’t mean anything and your not even sure if my mom legal or not but I can’t wait to hear from you in court

    • hi troll.,, you admit to being mexican and you are going to press charges on me… for what? for questioning your mother’s legal status, which I have a right to do…? for suggesting she be deported? nice try

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