Federal Court Reverses Ruling and Upholds Hazleton's E-Verify Law: Go Home Illegals and Take the Anchor Babies with you

Federal Court Reverses Ruling and Upholds Hazleton’s E-Verify Law

Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 12:55 PM EDT – Hazleton, Pa.

Hazleton, Pa.


A federal appellate court reversed its original ruling that found Hazleton’s local ordinance requiring businesses to use E-Verify was unconstitutional. The court was instructed by the Supreme Court to revisit its ruling after upholding Arizona’s statewide law earlier this year.

Hazleton’s Illegal Immigration Relief Act was passed while current House Member Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) was mayor. Current mayor Joseph Yannuzzi called today’s ruling good news for the town.

The Hazleton law was the first immigration enforcement ordinance passed at the local level and sparked a flurry of other localities and states to pass their own enforcement laws in response the federal goverment’s lax enforcement.






The Illegal friendly Administration of Obama, Holder & Nepolatano will not want to hear this. Lou Barletta made a stance to get control of the illegal immigrant issue and slapped in the face by our Fed. Govt….. that was shamefull.
Posted Thu 08/04 6:16pm

Apparently with all their legal knowledge, folks can’t simply follow the Constitution Art. IV, Sec. 4& Title 8 U.S.C. § Section 1321-1330.



One of the next important issues is to get rid of the President of our country that says in effect “Never mind our laws. I can get you in” to those who invade our country.

Posted Wed 08/03 7:44pm


Of course you mean to vote him out of office,and I agree absolutely!!!




This was initially ruled on by a liberal activist judge who supported illegal immigrants over cities rights. This will only end when we have judges who rule based on the constitution and get rid of democrats and republicans who support illegal aliens over American workers.

Posted Wed 08/03 5:14pm



what is wrong with our country,stop the border crossing at all cost

Posted Wed 08/03 3:36pm


Considering just unemployment for 14-22 million legal immigrants and citizens cost billions of dollars, it would only take 1 million dollars to seriously enforcement our laws and send a message to illegals and their employers!!!!!!! Years in jail and heavy fines are key to sending the message that illegal employment will not

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