Micronesian Ulgy Parasites Edk Kenit Choimina Lukas Illegally enslave rape Foster Farms Female from Uman, Micronesia


Micronesian Illegal Aliens Edk Kenit Choimina Lukas Illegally enslave rape Illegal Alien Female from Uman,  Micronesia

Authorities: Couple promised captive a good life in Longview

By Andre Stepankowsky and Amy M.E. Fischer / The Daily News The Daily News Online | Posted: Thursday, March 31, 2011 8:30   


Micronesians in return for letting the US military bomb them long ago, can come to the US, take any job they like ,stay as long as they like, get pell grants for college, get a social security card but dont have to register with the selective service. Another reason to clamp down on the US military and the State Department.

A Micronesian immigrant couple accused of enslaving a 19-year-old fellow Pacific Islander for a year lured her to Longview on promises of the good life, but then seized her wages she earned at the Foster Farms chicken plant, forced her to have sex and tried to prevent her from escaping, according to Longview police and federal sources.

More details started to trickle out Thursday about the case against Edk Kenit, 29, and his girlfriend, Choimina Lukas, 31. The Longview couple was indicted by a federal grand jury March 24 on charges of forced labor and attempted forced labor between March 10, 2010, and Feb. 20.

The victim, whose name has not been disclosed, is from Uman, the same Micronesian island as Kenit, said Longview Police Detective Steve Dennis, the initial investigator on the case. Their families apparently knew one another, Dennis said, so Kenit and Lukas “made arrangements to fly her here. They promised her wealth and everything that comes with America.”

Once she got here, they forced her to care for their children without pay, Dennis said. He did not know how many children were involved.

Kenit and Lukas fed the alleged victim and allowed her to live in their duplex apartment at 2008 46th Ave. But last July they forced her to take a job at Foster Farms and seized her pay until she finally quit the job in October, Dennis said. When she began objecting to her treatment, they hid her passport.

 Stop this Bullshit says snoremonster :Micronesians need only a passport but no visas to enter the United States, Dennis said. .  stripped of her paperwork and unable to speak English, she was left in a frightening situation, Dennis said.

“You don’t speak the language. You don’t have friends. You’re thousand of miles away from home and someone takes away the only thing that shows who you are. It forces people to do people to do things they normally wouldn’t do,” he said.

Longview police got involved Feb. 18, when the agency got a call from the Asian Pacific Islander Woman and Family Safety Center in Seattle. Dennis interviewed the woman at the Emergency Support Shelter in Kelso the next day. Federal agents arrested Lukas and Kenit at their West Longview home.

The couple’s next door neighbor was surprised Thursday to learn they’d allegedly kept a woman captive, although he had wondered why agents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security showed up a few weeks ago. He’d seen Thursday’s Daily News headline about the alleged enslavement but had assumed it happened Portland.

“I didn’t know any of that was happening. … It’s weird,” said the man, who declined to give his name. “I didn’t see no unusual things like that. … They didn’t really talk to any of us. They’d just say hi and that’s it.”

The couple often held family barbecues outside, he said, adding that he didn’t know who was who in the household and “they all looked the same to me.”

Sometimes the couple would drink and fight. In February, the neighbor said, Lukas hit the neighbor’s friend’s car with her vehicle and knocked over a power box and hit the garage. She took off, and when she returned, sheriff’s deputies showed up because Lukas had nearly run over someone on Ocean Beach Highway, the neighbor said. Homeland Security agents arrived the next day, he said.

Awaiting trial next month, Lukas and Kenit are on immigration hold in a federal detention center. Federal officials would not disclose how long they’ve been in America. Dennis said that Kenit worked at Foster Farms, too, but wasn’t sure when.

Ye-Ting Woo, assistant U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, said forced labor cases typically result in sentences in the four- to six-year range. Her office typically handles one such human trafficking case a year, she said.

The victim is in a safe house and doing fine, authorities said.







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Read more: http://tdn.com/news/local/article_0c40e5e6-5c03-11e0-9b10-001cc4c002e0.html#ixzz1UICgn17C

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