Black Immigrants Riot in Tottenham London : Burn Smash Rob Diversity Sucks rioting Afro-Caribbeans

 Black Immigrants riot in London Smash burn loot- why don’t the police just machine gun the black bastards?

The black immigrants are  thieves and vandals. They do not have a right to expect that their adopted  homeland provides them with jobs.

I hope the police can use stronger tactics and those caught are made an example of. This country is too soft on crime and this is the consequence.  Blacks and Third world immigrants think it’s all part of some gangster rapper culture and all blame whitey. generally speaking where ever Africans/black people go criminality follows, they are naturally quite brash and aggressive. Same thing in the US and Haiti and Detroit and Philly. Wherever Blacks are there is crime and riots and looting.

August 6, 2011

By Michael

More of the benefits of mass immigration & forced ‘diversity’

We have another demonstration of the great benefits of mass Third World immigration into Western nations. In addition to crime and poverty, mass immigration also apparently brings social unrest and riots. London, which has long been an experiment in bringing people from all over the planet and putting them in same city together, was the scene of riots this weekend. We are constantly told that Third World immigration “enriches” the West and brings “diversity” to our societies. The native English people of London – those who have not fled to the suburbs – doubtlessly have a different perspective this weekend after the north of their capital was turned into something that resembled a scene from Mad Max. A BBC report on the aftermath of the riot completely censors any information about the racial nature of the violence. Here are pictures of the destruction caused by the rioting immigrants as they set fire to public and private property and destroyed buildings. Police have deployed extra officers in “deprived” areas of the city (which is politically-correct speech for the non-English Third World areas) to prevent further violence and rioting.

One of the buildings destroyed by rioting Afro-Caribbeans in London, England.

The gritty north London neighborhood of Tottenham exploded in anger Saturday night after a young man was shot to death by police.Two patrol cars, a building and a double-decker bus were torched as rioters clashed with officers in front of the Tottenham Police Station, where people had gathered to demand “justice” for the death of a 29-year-old killed in an apparent gunfight.“It’s really bad,” said local resident David Akinsanya, 46. “There are two police cars on fire. I’m feeling unsafe.”Sirens could be heard across the city as authorities rushed reinforcements to the scene. In Tottenham shop windows were smashed as residents looted the stores, pushing shopping carts full of stolen goods down the street.Officers in riot gear and on horseback pushed up against the demonstrators. Akinsaya put the number of demonstrators at between 400 and 500. Police said there were about 300 people gathered.Miles from the tourist hotspots of central London, Tottenham is one of the most deprived areas in all of England, with nearly half of all children living in poverty, according to campaigners. The area is very diverse and home to one of the capital’s biggest black populations.The area also has a history of racial tension and anti-police feeling.Click here for Alternative Right’s take on the riots

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3 Responses to Black Immigrants Riot in Tottenham London : Burn Smash Rob Diversity Sucks rioting Afro-Caribbeans

  1. kaz says:

    im sick of reading abt male gang violence.
    Dumb u.k government, fix our own anglo crime/violence b/f importing 3rd world sexist-thug minorities.
    of course they come in droves here to u.k!.free money frm anglo taxes&free housing&child support,&food vouchers&healthcare..Who needs to work!!?.Dogooders have wrecked u.k,europe &soon oz…
    Ban the bludgers from welfare and council housing for life..theyd soon turn home.
    like the proud,protected japanese culture likewise im a loud and proud of my anglo-celtic culture.
    Im mean look at africia 50+ years of trillions of aid,and nothing is better..

  2. Andre says:

    Google” ( All by ENGLAND CALLING) Black instigated and dominated 2011 riots great elite lie///Racial and ethnic make-up of August rioters//////201British riots White liberal lie.The Marxist KHAZAR – controlled Uk government lies and lies and lies..Read SCHILLER Institute The NEW DARK AGE to find out why. The only Black I respect is PASTOR MANNING from ATLAHMINISTRIES.RG..BLACKS ARE DEPICABLE. White people are THE most extraordinary wonder you are proud..

  3. Andre says:

    Sorry that should read “DESPICABLE.” OR you can try PASTOR MANNING CALLS BLACKS..LOSERS AND HATERS or Pastor Manning says’ racism only exists in BLACK PEOPLE.’….or ‘ OBAMA IS A HOMOSEXUAL LIAR ANTICHRIST!’ He also said Whites had to stop giving everything to Blacks because it did not make them independent..they would never grow up and they need to.’Blacks do not know how the world works,’ he says..even a doctor or astrophysicist. “BLACKS HAVE CREATED NOTHING,’ he said.. They destroy. They were not Egyptians and only built grass huts over thousands of years. That is why they have ‘A GOTTA GET WHITEY MENTALITY”…They can’t do anything without WHITE MAN’S money and help. They don’t even marry the mothers of their children (70% of Black mothers are unmarried and..on welfare!) “YOU WOULD TEAR UP AMERICA,’ he told them…. if it were not for the police and he said look at what Blacks had done to the once great nation of South Africa. made Johannesburg the AIDS capital of the world and.destroyed it! ‘ THE WORST THING WAS HANDING SOUTH AFRICA OVER TO MANDELLA,” he says. Look up what ‘the hero’ Mandella was really like and hear him singing a song with others about KILLING WHITES> How can things change if you don’t speak the truth?’ he says. EVERYONE KNOWS IT’S THE TRUTH,’ he says. WE have to play hardball with Blacks…deny them money, scholarships, or citizenship if they can not behave or ‘have honour.” The Marxists use Blacks to distract us from their planned WHITE genocide, I believe.STAND UP WHITE MEN>>YOU KNOW YOU ARE THE ONES>>>>THE NUMBER ONES>>>>>KICK SOME ASS.

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