Latina Arguellas Busted Calling 911 Over Two Thousand Times: Reason California is Bankrupt,0,1209620.story

 If she had tried this in Oregon she would have been arrested the 10th time, no wait !!!! Arguellas is Latina ( code word for mexican anchor baby or illegal alien) and therefore above the Law. Mexicans don’t follow laws they break them!  says Officer Adrian Quintero of the California Highway Patrol. Wow he sure looks mexican ….  Mexicans sure cut each other a lot of slack, The news people were also hispanic mexican Latinos . They have really taken over California and ruined it 9:56 a.m. PDT, July 29, 2011


When the 911 dispatchers know you by name, you might have a problem.

California Highway Patrol dispatchers in Sacramento say Jennifer Arguellas called them more than 2100 times in the month of June. The conversations weren’t about anything in particular.

Dispatcher: “911 emergency, what are you reporting?”

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Jennifer: “I’m very, very sorry to bother you but, faxes are, faxes have month, date, year. somebody set the time it is”

Dispatcher: “Jennifer, is this you?”

They say on Wednesday, she called 135 times. It may sound funny, but dispatchers say Arguellas was clogging up valuable line and would then hang up, which took even more time.

“Anytime we have a 911 hangup – we always call back to make sure that person isn’t going through some kind of incident where they may need medical attention or any type of emergency services,” says Officer Adrian Quintero of the California Highway Patrol.

Calling 911 too many times without an actual emergency is a violation of California penal code section 643X – a misdemeanor. 

“She was very polite, she was very apologetic about calling and some of the things she was saying…she was just rambling,” says Quintero.

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