Borderland Beat Mexican Drug Cartel _ Don't blame US citizens

from BorderlandBeat, a blog about the Mexican Drug Cartel from Inside Mexico, It is biased  in favor of Mexicans ,with a huge amount of blame towards the US, but not towards  Mexicans.

It is not about the millions of mexicans who come here criminally, steal our ID criminally, break our laws and take food stamps and jobs from other Americans. The illegals who come here create places for the Mexican cartel members to hide in safety.

The following post is in violation of Borderland Beats rules about comments but they seem to allow Americans – white Americans to be insulted. The racist reference is of course against Americans who might think that Mexicans are the problem, no Americans. The trailer reference is code for poor white trash- and our Country is broken because of Mexicans and Open Borders and too many immigrants and a government that prefers Illegals to their own citizens.

Anonymous said…

For all the racist PUTOS, high school dropout, low rent computer lard ass warriors on this board, that constantly generalize, calling all Mexican cops corrupt, when it is obvious that there are also men of principle who put their lives on the line, even though they have families too, like these guys getting shot at. It’s so easy to be a quarteback in the comfort(?) of your trailer, bragging about what you would do to the sicarios or how you would build a higher wall. Stupid motherfukers, your own government is contributing to this carnage with it’s double dealing and betrayals, like hiring informants within the cartels or letting 1000’s of weapons thru while at the same time calling Mexican cops incompetent for not stopping drug shipments. No wonder we’re getting our comeupance as a broke former empire with nothing to offer to the world except more weapons and more wars. People get the governments they deserve and we Americans are no exception

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