Borderland Beat : See what Open Borders is Bringing US

 read the following racist anti- Legal American Citizen ( aka not hispanic)  diatribe posted on Borderland Beat. If you really want to see how “they think”  that’s the place to start. “They” hate the US and blame the US for every problem “they” have, “they” then move to the US  and get fake ID and rob us blind. let’s not forget that 16 of thier hispanic latin american countries are filing suit against Alalamba’s Immigration law

Anonymous said…

Mis Amigos Mexicanos its useless trying to convince gringo gabacho know-it-alls whether they are liberal Hillary Clinton ball lickers or right wing I-bend-over-for-GWBush-anytime closet homo sapien wannabees. Just read their comments and realize that nothing you try to make them understand will penetrate that think numbskull egomaniacal selfrighteous shell of a true human being of theirs. Just go back to blogdelnarco and get your kicks mentando madres y la chingada and leave the pseudo-quasi almost-is-but-never-will-actually-be smart talk to these self centered vicarious internet bloggers

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