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Third World Immigration Destroys United Kingdom: london diversity is a riot Multiculturism = RIOTS

Blacks mob police car – attack BBC reporters in London

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Obama’s Blacks Racist Mob Attack of White Americans at Wisconsin Fair

http://www.businessinsider.com/race-war-heats-up-at-wisconsin-state-fairwait-the-race-war-2011-8   Diversity works great ! Blacks are looting  burning attacking in London and Philly- where there are flash mobs of blacks looting stores and now in Wisconsin. They couldn’t be racially motivated because people with non-white skin are never violent … Continue reading

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Washington County Deputy Stabbed Jumpd by Mexican Inmates Suffers Facial Injuries;Alejandro Arenas Martinez Alfonso Martinez Jr

. Deputy Stabbed by Inmate Suffers Facial Injuries-This happened  in washington county,where illegals run free, no immigration checks, they are all ” nice spanish “people, who require interpretors and lots of welfare. Where those arrested are listed as White Males to hide … Continue reading

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