Washington County Deputy Stabbed Jumpd by Mexican Inmates Suffers Facial Injuries;Alejandro Arenas Martinez Alfonso Martinez Jr


Deputy Stabbed by Inmate Suffers Facial Injuries-This happened  in washington county,where illegals run free, no immigration checks, they are all ” nice spanish “people, who require interpretors and lots of welfare.

Where those arrested are listed as White Males to hide the invasion.

 Now two charming , most likely illegal mexican latinos attacked a deputy while in prison.maybe this will be a wake-up call ?? 

 Notice how the immigration status of the two mexicans was not listed. They are either anchor babies, spawned from illegal mexican parents, or illegals.  

Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office– 08/08/11



Summary of Event

Today an inmate in the Washington County Jail stabbed a deputy in the face several times with a pencil. Several inmates came to the deputy’s aid while a second inmate also attacked the deputy. Both attacking inmates were subdued. The deputy was treated and released from the hospital.

Full Details

On Sunday, August 07, 2011, at about 4:00 p.m., a sheriff’s deputy working in the Washington County Jail was attacked by an inmate with a pencil. The deputy was working in one of the pods where the inmates are housed when an inmate snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the face three times. The inmate is 20-year-old Alejandro Arenas Martinez from Hillsboro. He is in jail awaiting trial for an unrelated Attempted Murder Charge.

After he was attacked, the deputy fought with Martinez. Three other inmates came to the aid of the deputy and started to fight with Martinez. At the same time a fifth inmate, 30-year-old Alfonso Martinez Jr., joined in the fight against the deputy (Alfonso Martinez is lodged in the jail on previous probation charges.) Shortly after, several deputies responded to the pod and broke up the fight. Alejandro Martinez and Alfonso Martinez were both restrained and removed from the pod.

The deputy was taken to a local hospital and treated and released for three puncture wounds, two in the cheek and one near the ear. One of the puncture wounds was in close proximity to the deputy’s eye, but did not injure it.

The two inmates will face additional charges, but have not been charged at this time. Detectives from the Washington County Major Crimes Team are continuing to investigate the attack.

Attached Media Files: 2011-08/1128/46687/PR_110807_Deputy_Attacked_in_the_Jail.pdf , 2011-08/1128/46687/MARTINEZALFONSO_JR.jpg , 2011-08/1128/46687/MARTINEZALEJANDRO_ARENAS.jpg

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