North Dakota :American Crystal Sugar Corporation Lockout Union Americans Workers Hires Third World Illegals

 The Third World Invasion has come to North  Dakota  via Global Corporationism. Forget Communism or Fascism, they are so 20th century, the new evil is Global Corporationism.With one corporate slap, Americans lost their jobs to third world scum. Congress Traitor AL Franken Met with the Prez of ASC and did nothing about illegals being hired as scab- the media and blogs arent talking- Wake Up North Dakota or you will be the Next California:for rioting, clamorous, sneering, violent, entitled illegals

This last month in North Dakota  American Crystal Sugar, (who is, I think, the biggest sugar manufacturer in the nation, and the only one who supplies for Hershey as well as several other huge companies) locked out all their employees, then replaced them with Somolians,  (Pakistani, etc.), Indians from India f course), Mexicans, and Arabs from various Middle Eastern countries who are swarming

…into our area this summer. The takeover has been notable, and it is opposed furiously by the former employees, mostly because they worked their tails off, long hours overtime, for months to front orders so when harvest started they would be well ahead, and would therefore produce more for the company, giving them a wonderful year. Then they were locked out with no recourse. It is sick and wrong. Everyone around here knows at least the majority of these people are illegals, but border patrol and etc. won’t touch ’em. They have their quota they go for per year, and once they meet it, we have no say in the situation. The ones who are here on work visas usually bring a passel of others, ( chain migration)who aren’t, with them, and of course, most of the women are great with child (birth toursism)when they arrive. We have a state university in town, so it is easy for them to get here through student visas, where we taxpayers pay for their education, food, board, childcare, healthcare, etc. Meanwhile, the citizens of this area are having trouble finding work, and this, when there has been flooding this year in many regions of North Dakota. . The people around here know how to work hard. Many were raised on farms and etc. There is no justification for forcing them out to make room for rioting, clamorous, sneering, violent, entitled illegals. .

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