Immigrant Race Riots London _ Media Coverup by British National Party


The ‘English’ riots – exposing a can of worms

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By Maid of Kent – Just two of the cases that have been brought to the attention of the British people following the so-called English riots of last week have exposed the previously hidden details behind the mass invasion of Britain by people from all over the world who are attracted purely by our welfare system. 


Named the ‘English’ riots to avoid offending the other nations within Britain, although the Lib/Lab/Cons have no qualms about offending the English people who, apart from the feral few, did not participate at all – to have called these riots what they were, ethnic or immigrant riots, would have exposed to the world just how much mass immigration has destroyed the fabric of British life.

Loudly trumpeted by the mainstream media is the case of a council tenant who has been threatened with eviction by Wandsworth Council because her 18-year-old son has been accused of looting during the riots.

A white press photographer gets a dose of enriched Britain during the Birmingham riotsA white press photographer gets a dose of enriched Britain during the Birmingham riots

With the sole intention of promoting the Lib/Lab/Con appearance of being tough on the lawbreakers who ran rampant during the riots, the mainstream media is headlining the case to convince the British public that the politicians in Westminster mean what they say this time.

Apart from the fact that all kinds of Lib/Lab/Con legislation will prevent most, if not all, evictions, the serving of an Eviction Notice is only a notification that the council will seek to have a tenant evicted. It does not mean that the tenant will be evicted.

What is a particular eye opener for the British people in this specific case is hidden in the details. The tenant herself insists that she is not responsible for the actions of her 18-year-old son, even though he still lives with her. Many English parents would beg to differ with this, believing that however old their offspring are, as parents they will always feel responsible for the actions of the children that they have produced and raised – and even if they are unable to change the behaviour of their adult offspring, will still feel a sense of shame at any bad behaviour exhibited by them.

However, that aside, the particular point of interest in this case is the news that this council tenant, Maite de la Calva, is Spanish-born and has been living in Britain since 1986. It emerges that she was involved in the Poll Tax Riots of 1990 which may again bring the question to mind of why foreigners come to our country and within a few short years are so unhappy about our domestic politics that they then feel the need to riot on our streets instead of packing up and going back to where they come from.

This, however, didn’t happen. This Spanish resident of London, a former professional dancer, has settled here and occupied precious social housing which British people find hard to get. She and her two children – no mention of a Mr de la Calva – not only occupy social housing but also live on benefits. Mentioning that she does part-time work and also mentioning that she does voluntary work, the mainstream media conveniently doesn’t specify if this part-time work and voluntary work are one and the same, so the British taxpayer may well be paying for her whole existence in our country.

Not only that, but it emerges that Ms de la Calva owes £1806.09 in rent arrears for her social housing  – an evictable offence in itself, which raises the obvious question of why this council tenant has not been evicted by Wandsworth Council already.

So in short we have a foreigner, albeit an EU citizen, who riots on our streets, does not work to support herself and her children, lives in social housing and, even with the support of benefits paid for by the British people, still does not pay the small amount of rent due on that social housing.

Apart from the obvious conclusion that successive British Lib/Lab/Con governments have allowed foreigners to live a life of ease paid for by the British people, this case reveals the many lies that they have told us about citizens of other EU countries being restricted in their access to our welfare system and also about how these foreigners bring much-needed skills to our country or do the jobs that we cannot or will not do.

While British citizens could never move to Spain or any other EU country and be supported and housed by the state concerned, it appears that the British people are expected to pay for any and all EU citizens that arrive here – often providing benefits that are not available to the British people.

That the governments of every other EU member nation can legally restrict access to any state-funded welfare schemes, including social housing, to their own citizens, points to the criminal incompetence and dishonesty of the Lib/Lab/Con parties in government, who have consistently lied that citizens from other EU member states either do not have access to our welfare state or that their ability to restrict access is limited by EU law.

If other EU member nations can and do restrict access to state-funded welfare schemes so that only their citizens benefit, why is the British taxpayer paying for social housing and benefits for citizens of other EU nations?

The second case brought to our attention by the ‘English’ riots is that of Amed Pelle. British people may be forgiven for not recognising the ‘English’ first name Amed or the ‘English’ surname Pelle, but the Lib/Lab/Cons are eager to persuade us that these riots were ‘English’ so one would assume that they think of Amed Pelle as English.

Surprisingly, however, it turns out that this ‘English’ man charged with inciting rioters to harm the police is in fact Cuban. This 18-year-old Cuban-born unemployed man is another foreigner living in our country with all expenses paid for by the British taxpayer.

The British people may wonder why we have to pay to support a Cuban immigrant who, living on benefits, is obviously not here to do the work the British cannot or will not do.

It may also seem strange to the British people that someone would move here from Cuba, a small island off the coast of the American continent. 

Constantly told by the Lib/Lab/Cons and the Liberal Marxist media that immigrants either flee persecution in the homelands or come here to get the chance to improve their lives, surely Cubans doing either could move to countries which are much nearer to Cuba? The USA is not only much closer to Cuba than Britain but is a considerably larger country that has many Cuban communities, so why would this Cuban family choose to travel so far to our country for their new lives?

Considering the fact that these immigrants appear to choose a life on British taxpayer-funded benefits as opposed to improving their lives through the opportunities provided them by our country, we can only assume that they come here solely to live lives of ease provided by our hard work.

Will this unemployed benefits-supported immigrant from Cuba be deported if found guilty of incitement to break our law?

Don’t hold your breath. Under the Human Rights Act passed by Labour and obviously supported by the Lib/Cons, who have not repealed or reformed this legislation, not one foreign rioter will be expelled from our country.

These two cases alone highlight the failings of the Lib/Lab/Cons in government and their betrayal of the British people. Paying out uncounted £billions of British taxpayers’ money to support foreigners living in Britain, the Lib/Lab/Con politicians now tell us that the pot is empty and there is nothing left to pay for the pensions of the British people who have worked hard all of their lives, and that we must all pay more in taxes to support ‘our’ benefits and welfare programmes.

These two cases of taxpayer-supported foreigners living in Britain are just the tip of the iceberg, an iceberg which has torn a huge hole into our country’s finances, leaving us bankrupt.

When the Lib/Lab/Cons have had six decades to stop this abuse of the British people and have not only failed completely to protect us but have accelerated the financial destruction by their policies of mass uncontrolled immigration, the British people cannot realistically expect them to change now, whatever they promise the electorate.

The only way to ensure that the British government represents and protects the interests of the British people is to make sure that the British government does not include any of the traitorous Lib/Lab/Con politicians who have turned their backs on us.

A British National Party government will represent and protect the British people, their interests and their finances, so let us make sure that the next British government is a British National Party government; then these foreign parasites who dislike us and our country so much can be returned to their homelands and the British taxpayer can be richer for not having to pay for them and their benefits.



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    • markg1966 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      Did the scum that burnt and looted our citys steal  an elephant.Nearly every shot I saw he was in the back ground.The problem is the Torys will be loving this.What laws are they going to bring out next because the sound of it, sounds like a police state.Maybe mixing laws to ban the BNP.Trust the BASTARDS at your own peril.






    • irishbouncer 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      Im ashamed to say its what the majority of the British public voted for .So the majority of the British must be quite happy and willing to fund every Tom, De la Calva and Abdul with there tax money !

      I shake my head in amazement !






    • stoppitnow 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      All the more need to get tough, the penal colony on South Shetland is a must, as well as strengthening our territorial rights to the Falkland Isles. If relatives can’t afford to go to Georgia it will make them think about what they have done. No financial help either to get them there.






    • Formersamba 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      Just a reminder the Notting hill crime fes is less than 2 weeks away,If it needs to be banned it should be banned now.With 2.million mainly black ethnics,that have tasted blood and the good life.Imagine,if a couple of hundred thousand decide to kick off .It would make last weeks riots look like a childs tea party.






    • stoppitnow 2 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
      I see some government whizz kid says National Service should be brought in. 
      Watch how many British Asians would suddenly become Asians.






    • Mick19 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      The suggestion that National service be re-introduced has been brought up time and time again as a solution to deal with these thugs but has been little more than political lip service.
      The armed forces do not need the burden of taking these losers on board.
      Many argue that National service should never have been abolished.The problem is largely with the mainstream parties and their inability or unwillingness to see
      the problem as it really is by continuing to play down the racial element to the general public
      to the extent that the riots in in London it seems,  were caused by a group  of our disaffected youth just letting off steam!

      The truth however,  is somewhat different.
      How would those thugs in the photograph fare out against the Taliban  Mr. S ?
      They would be running the other way very damn quick!






    • stoppitnow 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      I wondered what the picture was until I read it. Bet he felt enriched by his experience. We need more reporters to experience these things first hand then they might stop calling us. Sorry reporters but you need to find out the harsh reality of Britain and not the fairy tale land you portray.






    • powys 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      Gareth Connors
                                   I agree with you, my instinctive solution to the nasty situation is also military; however, it is now out of the question because; A, our military has been reduced to impotence; and, B, Cameron would have to get approval from Brussels to deploy it. We MUST get out of the EU!!!






    • kevin smith 4 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
      where were these photos in the main press. Ihave not seen this one and i bet many more like this have not been printed. IF THIS IS NOT A RACE ATTACK WELL WHAT IS. or is it race descrimination only works one way AGAIN







    • johnjk 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      Exactly. If the MSM had published the picture if would have been removed within the hour like the stripping one..These riots are not to do with race , the MSM say.
      How can the situation ever be resolved, if the cause is a PC taboo.,
      Gorden Brown asked what are you going to do about immigration, answer you are a bigot.. Is the nation now too late to wake up? 






    • celtic_cross 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      Yes – it only works one way – period.
      I would say we are led by donkeys – but that really is an insult to the donkeys.
      It is as though Britain is a host to millions of parasites isn’t it. The real disease though is that of the cowardly two-faced politician who feeds at High Table which the native people graft to finance him and live on his crumbs – oh, and “her” of course.Until people start thinking for themselves and stop believing the utter tripe that the BBC dish out I don’t think things will change for the better. The hateful politician has done a good job in de-educating many of the population in denying them an education – an (intentional) side effect of which is that they do not know what critical independent thought is.







    • johnjk 2 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
      Labour leader Ed Miliband has described historian David Starkey’s comments on race as “disgusting and outrageous”. The BBC are investigating after receiving hundreds of complaints.
      What chance has this country?
      Nick said that it’s time to sit down and sort out this mess, no chance ever with the LIB/LAB/CON.
      How can the imigration problem ever be solved if the subject is PC taboo.?






    • celtic_cross 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      Is Miliband describing himself with those words?
      If being a truth-denier is outrageous then he certainly is. Of course, he knows damn well the plebs will raise their hands in shock horror agreement with him – without bothering to see if it’s true or not. Makes one wonder if those people deserve a place like they are going to get.






    • RICHTHOFEN 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      Good post, Maid of Kent! There is just so much that needs saying that it is only possible to take bites at it. As many posts have pointed out, our politicians, especially Camoron and petulant, pouting Miliband, need to look to nature and history if they really want to understand why we have, again, suffered race riots in the UK. Pernicious viruses, diseases and creatures like the magpie do not integrate – they, like invading tribes, have to be eradicated or repelled to their own habitats – we need defending from anihilation – that’s your sole purpose in government, Camoron – protect our tribe! The rest of our problems are secondary and will solve themselves once you regain our Nation. Speaking of which – bring back National Service – the majority of our ‘enrichers’ will disappear overnight, immigration will suddenly dry up, our budget deficit will evaporate, we will see no more ethnic unrest and will have sufficient troops to restore order, if ever required again – just one single decision is all that is needed – and look at the benefits. We could then leave the EU – it will not affect our trade – regain some power for our politicians and Courts ( currently emasculated by EU ) and hold an election so that we can regain our once proud Nation






    • Mandala_Prime 2 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
      I do recall an argument / debate with someone a while back about immigration.  He said “I don’t blame anyone wanting to come here to better their life”.  I responded “and you want to pay for them do you?  Answer me this: how many homeless people have you let sleep on your sofa or take a shower in your house in your life?”






    • celtic_cross 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
      I suppose I cannot blame people as such for taking advantage of the situation where a country has sold it’s soul to the Devil by allowing politicians to prostitute it.But it is the politicians who have done this to the country. We should never forget that – ever. For when the day comes they will have to answer to the people for their actions they will try every trick in the book to blame someone else or use any excuse they can to say it wasn’t them.
      As we are an island Nation we, better than most any other country in Eurodynseyland should have been able to protect ourselves from the horrors of the multicult experiment. And yet we are the most infested! That CAN ONLY be down the the politicians enabling such a situation to arise.






    • powys 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
                          I have just returned from a trip to Flander’s fields. One of the things that struck me was the number of young 2lts, Lts and Captains — some straight out of school who died in the mud and blood of Belgium and France. While many of those young men were working class, the majority were upper-middle class or of the aristocracy. My point is that dead heroes really have NO class — they too died for our beloved country in the most obscene of circumstances. The average Lt in action in WW1 lasted 20-minutes.
      I do not mean to imply that they did any more than the farmers, miners or machinists who also served, I simply point out that they shared the same horror and carried the same burdens. So, I do not defend the idle rich or those content to hold the coats of those who fought on our behalf, but I would defend to the death ALL those who hold common cause with the rest of us as we fight for freedom and the British way of life. My ancestors defended these lands of ours from pre-historical times. We fought the Romans for the 400 years they occupied most of Britain; we held back Danish and Norse Vikings, Jutes, Irish raiders, Normans and yes, Anglo-Saxons. All of that though is history and I embrace anyone who is truly British, i.e, Irish, Scots, Welsh or Anglo-Saxon. You must understand though that we must NEVER make the mistake of setting class against class, because if we do, we will play into the hands of the socialists — who always try to gain advantage by splitting the patriots apart.






    • Jonboy10 2 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
      And you have the scandalous case today of a muslim judge who jailed an illegal immigrant who stole someone else’s identity and peddled drugs to 11 months instead of 12 deliberately so he would not automatically be considered for deportation afterwards. An immigrant twisting the law so another immigrant can stay here! We have surrendered our jurisdiction to foreigners.






0 new comment was just posted. Show
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