Black Female Flash Mob Robs Store Obamites

 check out the video – they are all black but the media won’t say black and then they interview blacks who say it’s okay to steal food.

Mike B. wrote at 11:41 AM on August 20:

candy, chips, sodas and ice cream

But… but… but… C’mon people. You guys are so insensitive. Doesn’t everybody above know that these are the four major food groups in the ghetto.

You mean you would actually deny some 250 lb. 16 y/o with arms thicker than my chest and who already ingests 5,000 calories per day (on your dime, btw), the opportunity to gobble down 1,000 more calories??

How ‘intolerant’ of other people’s cultures you are. I’m ordering you all to attend ‘diversity and sensitivity’ classes ASAP

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1 Response to Black Female Flash Mob Robs Store Obamites

  1. slaper says:

    The media is silent on the race. Its the pc bs that is being shoved down our throats. These black criminals are called bored teens or a group of youths. This is far from the truth. People need to wake up and call it what it is, black organized crime.

    Some black groups have gone as far as to beat whites. But still they are just bored teens to the lame media.

    Get the facts here……..

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