Mexican Drug Cartel Marijuana Grow Found Mt. Hood National Forest Cat Creek: Oregon Sanctuary State For Illegal Aliens

Mexican Drug Cartel Marijuana Grow Found Mt. Hood National Forest Cat Creek: Oregon Sanctuary State For Illegal Aliens

Hunter’s Discovery Yeilds Nearly 1000 Marijuana Plants

 However the Sheriff still can’t say the word Illegal aliens or Mexicans. Oregon State Forests are being taken over by Mexicans with the consent of Oregon Government. They will not check immigration papers of illegals. They  virtually never use Everify.

Hood River Co. Sheriff’s Office– 09/16/11



MT HOOD, ORE. – On September 15, 2011, personnel from the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police and U.S. Forest Service eradicated nearly 1000 marijuana plants from the Mt. Hood National Forest near Cat Creek, in Hood River County. A hunter recently discovered the grow while walking in the area.

Larger outdoor marijuana growing operations, like the one in the Cat Creek area, are often associated with Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO’s). DTO’s are highly-organized criminal enterprises that traffic in many types of illegal drugs.

Marijuana grows associated with DTO’s present a significant public safety risk. DTO’s have demonstrated a willingness to use deadly force to protect their crops. Often, DTO’s have personnel that live and work in the grow site. It is common for these people to be armed and/or set up booby traps and cameras to protect their assets.

Citizens play an integral role in helping law enforcement confront and stop this growing problem. If you should encounter a potential grow site, please make note of the general location and contact law enforcement.

No arrests have been made in connection with the September 15 eradication. The investigation is ongoing.

Attached Media Files: 2011-09/1816/47723/2011-09-15_10.25.01.jpg , 2011-09/1816/47723/2011-09-15_10.05.26.jpg

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