Update! St Helens Oregon; Jesus Ochoa Wanted Murderous Mexican ARMED and DANGEROUS

 Update! Connely is recovering from the gunshot to his stupid skull- well it didnt go threw his stupid skull so he will live. 

Columbia County is where the judge threw out a law protecting American workers from Mexicans like Jesus. They reap what they sow and soon the county will be like Gresham or Vancouver wa. Look for Jesus at any fine Mexican Eatery in Columbia County.

Sheriff’s Office Looking for Mexican wetback  Shooter in gun violence today — ARMED and DANGEROUS
Columbia Co. Sheriff’s Office– 09/15/11


OCHOA- by the way the guy he shot looks like another ethnic criminal

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is enlisting the public’s help in locating the suspect in a shooting that occurred earlier today in the vicinity of Tarbell Rd. in Warren.

Jesus Ochoa, 48, last known address in Rainier, has a temporary arrest warrant for his arrest. He is the suspect in the shooting that occurred at approximately 10:30 this morning. Ochoa and his victim, Anthony Connelly, 36, last known address in Portland, are both well known subjects to law enforcement. Both have spent time in the Columbia County Jail.

Investigators consider Ochoa to be armed and dangerous and the public is cautioned against taking any action on their own. If you believe you know Ochoa’s whereabouts, note your location and and call the Columbia County Sheriff’s Tip line at 503-366-4698, or notify your local law enforcement agency.

The shooting occurred after a dispute inside the City of Saint Helens wound up out in the county. At least one shot was fired and hit the victim, who drove himself to a fire station seeking help.

“Although the suspect is considered armed and dangerous, we believe this to be an isolated incident,” said Sheriff Jeff Dickerson. “We believe the shooter and victim know each other and that the event is the result of a dispute between the two.”

The Sheriff’s Office has activated the Columbia County Major Crimes Team. If you have any information that may be helpful to this investigation, you may call the Columbia County Sheriff’s Tip line at 503-366-4698.

Attached Media Files: OCHOA , 2011-09/3009/47708/CONNELLY.JPG

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4 Responses to Update! St Helens Oregon; Jesus Ochoa Wanted Murderous Mexican ARMED and DANGEROUS

  1. VEO says:

    Please be respectful when talking about things like this. That Mexican has had a HARD life. Remember he is someone’s father, brother, friend, and uncle and I would appreciate if you didn’t make light of the situation. Also, I don’t appreciate you using the term “Wet back.” Grow the fuck up. Sure he is from Mexico but that doesn’t make him illegal dumbass. He has papers.

    • snoremonster says:

      you are so funny- !!!:) I should be respectful to a saw offed midget from Mexico who tried to kill someone?
      Well , I appreciate your wit, I do, especially when you told me to fuck off but that the term wetback upset you. I am sure Jesus has papers, like for smoking marijuana or crack.

  2. Amartz says:

    I don’t believe people should use the word wetback because you don’t even know anything from this person or his life so mind your own business. if it took two people to do something wrong then fucken comment on both of them. Why was the other person at that place praying I don’t think so

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